English & Work Experience Abroad

Looking to kick-start your career abroad? Several weeks of work experience in a foreign language destination works wonders for your language skills and is a fine addition to any CV.
  • Builds confidence

    Builds confidence

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    Improves accuracy and fluency

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    Online and classroom learning

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    Teaches English and French for use in real-life situations

70 Years Experience

With over 70 years of experience in language teaching, Eurocentres is committed to providing services of the highest standards at schools all over the world. 


Looking to kick-start your career abroad? Several weeks of work experience in a foreign language destination works wonders for your language skills and is a fine addition to any CV. The programme consists of a language course and a subsequent work placement with the company.

  • Duration

    8-52 weeks
  • Language levels

    4-9 (B1-C1)
  • Max class size


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The introductory language course is preparation for the subsequent work and adds the required fine-tuning so that the start runs as smoothly as possible with the selected company. As is customary, the language goals will be discussed individually with the student before the course commencement. Regular feedback sessions with the teacher help to cover the necessary learning topics as required. In addition to general language skills, some lessons will be geared towards later professional life and typical situations will be covered.

The directly ensuing work experience can take place in various sectors such as, for example, tourism, marketing, communications, sales, transport etc. Examples of partner companies in Paris include: Accor Hotels, Hotel du Louvre, Espace Dali Museum, Schenker and ICTV Solférino Documentaries

Where can I study this course?

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    Professional teachers and high-quality course materials

    We make sure we use the most recent textbooks and teach realistic, contemporary English.
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    Pre-course level testing

    We make sure you are placed in a level that's right for you.

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    Regular testing and personalised feedback

    We make sure that your progress is monitored throughout your course.

Öğrencilerimizin %95'i 3 ay içinde iş buluyor

Öğretmenler ve personel size sadece işleri gereği yardımcı olmuyor. Her arada, her hafta ve hafta sonunda birlikte seyahat ettiğimizde bir aile gibi olduğumuzu hissettim. Eurocentres bir okuldan fazlasıdır.

Erich K. Guerra, Brazil

Sanırım okulda ve edindiğim arkadaşlarımla yaşadığım sayısız deneyimi asla unutmayacağım. Eurocentres, kişiye has eğitimi ve her öğrencinin ihtiyacına göre onlara odaklanıyor olması nedeniyle kesinlikle harika bir okul.

Michelle Larios, Columbia

Eurocentres muhteşemdi. Dili dünyanın dört bir yanından gelen insanlarla tanışırken, dinamik bir şekilde öğrenirsiniz. Öğretmenler çok iyi ve yardımseverler. Eurocentres'i kesinlikle tavsiye ederim, hayatta bir kez yaşanacak bir tecrübe edineceksiniz.

Mateo Monsalve, Ecuador

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