Make your university application stand out from the crowd with an ETS-accredited Test of English as a Foreign Language.
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    Prepares you to take the TOEFL exam

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    Improves your general language and 21st Century Skills as well as exam technique

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    Includes practice exams and regular mock testing

70 Years Experience

With over 70 years of experience in language teaching, Eurocentres is committed to providing services of the highest standards at schools all over the world. 


A TOEFL course at Eurocentres prepares students to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language, an ETS-accredited exam recognised by over 10,000 universities and institutions worldwide. It is often required for entrance into English-speaking higher education institutions, for scholarships, or for visa applications for work or study. The exam is designed to evaluate how you would perform in an English-speaking academic environment. It assesses your ability to utilise the key language areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking, in order to perform academic tasks at the level required by universities.

  • Duration

    2 -52 weeks
  • Entry level

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Our TOEFL course consists of 25 lessons per week, including 20 general English lessons in the mornings and 5 afternoon lessons of guided exam practice. The morning programme aims to build fluency and grammatical accuracy through communicative activities and contemporary materials. The afternoon classes cover core skills and strategies to maximise performance in academic tasks. This programme also focuses on building lexis for producing and comprehending written and spoken English at a higher level.

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    Prepares you to excel in an academic environment

    You're not just training to take an exam.
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    Increases your chances of acceptance to universities in English-speaking countries

    A TOEFL certificate is recognised by 150 educational institutions across the world.
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    Offers a combination of exam-based and general language classes

    Keeping things fresh is the best way to learn.

Our Students say

The teachers and staff don’t just help you because it is their job. I felt like I was in a family, every break, every week, every weekend and all the times we went on a trip together. Eurocentres is more than just a school.

Erich K. Guerra, Brazil

I think I will never forget the countless experiences that I have had in the school and with friends I made. Eurocentres is definitely a great school because of its personalised education and focus on every student’s needs.

Michelle Larios, Colombia

Eurocentres has been amazing. You learn the language in a dynamic way while you meet people from all around the world. The teachers are very good and helpful. I would definitely recommend Eurocentres, you will have a once in a lifetime experience.

Mateo Monsalve, Ecuador

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