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Terms and Conditions

Clause 1 Registration, contracting party and minimum age
To register, please use the form in the brochure or on, and send this as early as possible to Eurocentres or to a Eurocentres contracting party. First and family name must be entered as shown in the travel documents (passport or identity card). On confirmation of the registration by Eurocentres (Foundation for Language and Educational Centres, Seestrasse 247, 8038 Zurich, Switzerland), the contract shall be deemed to have been agreed and the registration shall be binding. The minimum age for any Eurocentres course is 16 years (16th birthday before course start). The minimum age for Sydney, Melbourne, Madrid, Seville, Buenos Aires, Sliema and Beijing is 18 (18th birthday before course start).

The course participant shall be deemed to be a Eurocentres contracting party provided he or she is 18 years old or more. In the case of course participants who at the time of registration (date of registration) have not yet reached the age of 18, or where despite having reached the age of 18 the participant is not deemed capable of being a contracting party according to the law of his or her country of residence, the contract must be signed by a parent or guardian, who must also give his or her exact address. This shall also apply when the age of consent is not 18 years in the country where the language course is taking place, or in which the course participant or his or her parent or guardian is resident. Special regulations apply for participants under 18 years attending courses in Australia. Before enrolling, please ask your Eurocentres adviser for a copy of the “Supplementary information concerning Australia”, and /or consult

Depending on the course venue, it may be the case that a parent or guardian has to give his or her consent to the language course if the participant is under 21 years of age (regardless of whether the participant is deemed capable of being a contracting party in his or her country of residence).

The course participant shall be defined as the person who takes part, or intends to take part, in the language course that is the object of this contract.

Vouchers and other promotions must be presented at the time of registration. Vouchers and promotions cannot be taken into consideration once the course confirmation is issued.

Clause 2 Information provided on registration
The course participant / contracting party hereby expressly confirms that the information provided at the time of registration for the language course shall correspond with the truth, and accepts that he or she may be expelled forthwith from the language course at any time should said information prove to be a misrepresentation (e.g. beginners who select a start date on which no beginners’ courses are available). In such an event, the course fees shall not be refunded in any way, not even on a pro-rata basis. Potential participants who are unsure of their language level should tell their Eurocentres adviser that they wish to take the Eurocentres Pathfinder test (available on

Clause 3 Terms and conditions of payment
On receipt of the course confirmation, a down payment of USD 475 / CHF 500 / EUR 330 / GBP 285 / JPY 50,000 / AUD 555 / CAD 500 per participant and the premiums for the combined ELVIA travel insurance and the ELVIA Security Package are due. (Please note for online enrolments, the down payment is due on receipt of the course confirmation.) The remaining course and respective accommodation fees are due six weeks before starting the course. Payment for all products shall be due immediately in cases where registration is made less than six weeks before the start of the course. The fees shall be deemed as effectively paid only when they have been paid into the account specified by Eurocentres in the confirmation of registration. Enrolments received by phone, fax or mail: when paying by credit card, the down payment will be charged to the card 10 days after dispatch of the confirmation and the remaining payment six weeks before start of the course.

Clause 4 Delay in payment
Should payment not be made by the aforementioned date, the contracting party shall be deemed to be in default. In such an event, Eurocentres shall not be obliged to admit the course participant to the language course. The existence of a claim on the part of Eurocentres shall remain unaffected by the above. Eurocentres may claim damages in accordance with clause 10.

Clause 5 Proof of payment
At the start of the course, the course participant shall provide proof of payment of the course fees and, where applicable, of the accommodation and other fees. Should the course participant be unable to present such proof, he or she shall not be admitted to classes or accommodation. In such an event, Eurocentres’ claims shall remain unaffected.

Clause 6 Enrolment fee
The enrolment fee shall be charged for all arrangements and is not under any circumstances refundable. The exact amount is shown on the invoice/confirmation or in the respective school page in this brochure and at

Clause 7 Change fee
A request for a change of school, date (course, accommodation, etc.) or type of accommodation before or after commencing the course has to be agreed by Eurocentres. If Eurocentres is able to confirm the change, you will be charged a change fee of USD 80 / CHF 100 / EUR 75 / GBP 50 / JPY 9,000 / AUD 125 / CAD 110. The change fee for the language year / semester is USD 230 / CHF 300 / EUR 200 / GBP 145 / JPY 27,000 / AUD 370 / CAD 330 and is payable when the confirmation is received. You will not be charged this fee if you choose to extend your course before commencement of the course. If we receive your change of booking less than 14 days before the course is due to begin or after the course has started, other costs may be incurred in addition to the booking change fee (e.g. for accommodation), which we will have to pass on to you. Any extension of a course, once the course has begun, will be treated as a new enrolment. In the case of specialised courses of more than four weeks, the specialisation can also be changed during the course. However, only one change can be made every four weeks. The school must in any case agree to a change. Please see Clause 10 for calculation of deadlines.

Clause 8 Passport and visa requirements
Many countries have passport and visa requirements. Please familiarise yourself with such regulations and make the necessary arrangements.

Clause 9 Obligations of the course participant
The course participant shall be responsible for choosing a language course that corresponds to his or her abilities and complying with any visa stipulations. The course participant undertakes to participate personally at the lessons and to arrive punctually. Should irregular attendance or other behaviour of the participant break the law, be in conflict with entry or visa regulations, or cause a disturbance to other participants, Eurocentres reserves the right to expel the participant from the course. In such an event, the course fees shall not be refunded in any way, not even on a pro-rata basis.

Clause 10 Withdrawal before the start of the course
The contracting party may send written notification of withdrawal before the start of the course, without any statement of reasons. If such written notification is received by Eurocentres 14 days before commencement of the course, all payments already made to Eurocentres in connection with the present contract shall be refunded to the contracting party, with the exception of the enrolment fee, a possible accommodation placement fee, and the ELVIA cancellation and return travel costs insurance premium. If written notification is received by Eurocentres less than 14 days in advance, but in any case no later than 5 p.m. (CET) on the last Thursday before the commencement of the course, an invoice shall be issued for the enrolment and, if applicable, the accommodation placement fee, the ELVIA insurance premiums, school and accommodation fees for one or two weeks. The reimbursements will be made within four weeks after receipt of the withdrawal. For student residences, hotels and apartments, the respective General Terms & Conditions of the third parties providing such accommodation apply. Special regulations apply with respect to withdrawals by participants studying in Australia on a student visa. Before enrolling, please ask your Eurocentres adviser for a copy of the “Supplementary information concerning Australia” (this information can be found at The time of receipt of the notification of withdrawal during normal office hours at Eurocentres shall determine the date of withdrawal. If the notification arrives on a Saturday, Sunday or a general public holiday in Zurich or London, the next working day shall be the official day of receipt. This also applies to notifications by email, fax, etc.

Special rules also apply for the easyEnglish product line: In case of withdrawal before commencement of the course, none of the payments already made to Eurocentres will be refunded. The student has to pay the full costs of the course in any case, including tuition, accommodation and extra fees. In case of visa denial without the fault of the applicants all fees are refunded.

Clause 11 No-show or withdrawal from the language course, failure to attend individual parts thereof
Should the course participant fail to attend the language course, withdraw from the course, or not take up individual parts thereof, such as individual lessons, he or she shall not be entitled to claim any reimbursement. Special regulations apply with respect to withdrawals by participants studying in Australia on a student visa. Before enrolling, please ask your Eurocentres adviser for a copy of the “Supplementary information concerning Australia”, and /or consult this at

Clause 12 Cancellation and /or change of accommodation after course start
Accommodation may be terminated or changed, subject to two weeks’ notice ending on a Saturday. Notice of termination shall be sent in writing to Eurocentres exclusively. A change fee of USD 80 / CHF 100 / EUR 75 / GBP 50 / JPY 9,000 / AUD 125 / NZD 135 / CAD 110 will be charged. Should the course participant leave his or her accommodation before the end of the period of notice, the full price for the accommodation up to the end of the cancellation period remains payable. For student residences, hotels and apartments, the respective General Terms & Conditions of the third parties providing such accommodation apply.

Clause 13 Complaints and liability
The course participant shall make complaints without delay to the local school administration or to Eurocentres in Zurich. (Any complaint concerning services provided by a third party should be addressed to the third party.) If Eurocentres is not able to remedy the situation within a reasonable period, the course participant may take steps to remedy the situation him or herself, and Eurocentres shall refund the cost, against receipts, in so far as legal and contractual liability requires. This procedure does not restrict the participant’s right to pursue other legal solutions. Any requests for refund should be made by registered letter to Zurich within four weeks of the agreed termination of the course. After this period, all types of claims under any legal title shall no longer apply and be forfeited. Eurocentres shall be liable for its own performances in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions and statutory regulations but not in the case of ordinary negligence; for package deals, liability in case of claims other than for personal injury shall be limited to twice the package price. Liability is limited to the immediate damage. Eurocentres shall not be liable for the loss, destruction, etc., or misuse of valuables, cameras and video cameras, etc., mobile phones, credit cards, cash, etc. Eurocentres shall also not be liable for lost holiday time, experienced frustration, etc. Eurocentres shall not be liable in the case of poor or non-performance of services provided by a third party. For any noncontractual liability, the statutory regulations shall apply, with any liability limitations and exclusions of these General Terms and Conditions of Business having priority over statutory regulations.

Clause 14 Insurance
Eurocentres strongly recommends you take out the combined ELVIA travel insurance (covering withdrawal and return travel costs) and ELVIA Security Package cover (luggage and medical costs insurance) and third-party indemnity insurance. Insurance premiums are not included in the course fees and shall be invoiced separately. Premiums for cancellation and travel costs insurance are not refundable.

Clause 15 Minimum number of participants & public holidays
Where the minimum number of six students (Cuzco 4) required for each language course has not been reached, Eurocentres shall inform the participant/contracting partner at least three weeks before the start of the course. Where Eurocentres is unable to offer the participant/contracting partner an alternative language course, Eurocentres shall reimburse any paid fees. The contracting partner shall not be entitled to make any claims for inconvenience or for other damages. In exceptional cases, Eurocentres may run courses with less than six participants. On days which are, according to the local law, public holidays in the location of the school, no classes will take place. Lessons will neither be compensated nor refunded.

Clause 16 Changes to prices, dates or programmes
Provided that no confirmation of registration has been issued, Eurocentres shall have the right at any time to change the dates and prices published in the catalogue, on the internet or elsewhere. On conclusion of the contract, Eurocentres may amend the published programme of services, provided such amendments are unavoidable and negligible, and are made in good faith and do not affect the overall style of the course. If material changes are made to key services, the contracting party shall have the right to withdraw from the contract or to request to join an equivalent language course, where Eurocentres is able to offer him or her such a course. Eurocentres shall immediately notify the contracting party of any such amendment. The contracting party must exercise his or her rights immediately after receipt of such notification from Eurocentres. Eurocentres shall be entitled to increase its prices after signing of the agreement and up to three weeks before the start of the course for the following reasons: increases in cost of transportation, increases in charges for certain services, fluctuation in exchange rate, official price increases, introduction or increased official charges. In the case of such an increase, the price can be adapted and increased accordingly. In the case of price increases of more than 10%, the contracting partner shall have the same rights as in the case of a considerable change of one of the key services. Any changes to the programme or services during the language course due to unforeseeable or unpreventable reasons are permissible, provided the overall content of the programme remains unchanged. Eurocentres retains the absolute right to assign or re-assign participants to classes in accordance with their language skills or to implement any other measures required for the correct operation of the school.

Clause 17 Data protection
We record your personal data only if you order a brochure, request an offer or book a course. The received information shall remain within Eurocentres and is not made available to third parties or other organisations. Your information is passed on to:

  • book your accommodation (i.e. host family, residence, and hotel).
  • book a course or a service on your behalf that is provided by a Eurocentres partner company (i.e. partner schools, travel insurance, universities, on-job training). Companies that are not part of the Eurocentres organisation are highlighted accordingly in the Eurocentres brochure and on the course confirmation.
  • order the requested brochure as quickly as possible. To ensure quick processing, we may pass your order on to one of our contractual partners in your home region.
  • comply with statutory regulations. In certain cases, we are obligated to submit your information to the authorities (i.e. immigration authorities).

Your information is stored by Eurocentres, Zurich. If we have your permission, Eurocentres uses your data to provide you with information about Eurocentres product news. Please inform us if you do not wish to receive this service.

Clause 18 Consumer protection
By signing the General Terms & Conditions of Eurocentres, the contracting partner shall retain the right to instigate further legal steps, subject to these being available under the law applying to the place of residence of the contracting partner or at the location of the school. This right shall not be limited by compensation offered by Eurocentres or a partner company of Eurocentres in connection with a dispute.

Clause 19 Contracting parties / guarantee
The contract is concluded between the contracting party as defined in Clause 1 and the Eurocentres Stiftung für Sprach- und Bildungszentren (Foundation for Language and Educational Centres), Seestrasse 247, 8038 Zurich, Switzerland. Eurocentres has obtained customer deposit insurance for the necessary amount.

Clause 20 Applicable law, jurisdiction
Swiss law shall be applicable exclusively to the present contract. Zurich, Switzerland is stipulated as the place of jurisdiction. The above General Terms & Conditions shall in no way restrict the general applicable rights of the contracting partner.

For further information, or if you have any queries, please contact a Eurocentres booking office. Tel +44 (0)207 963 84 50 or + 41 (0)44 485 50 40.