How to Talk About Sensitive Subjects in English

Image representing students learning how to talk about sensitive subjects in English

No matter what language you are speaking, whether it is your native tongue or a foreign language, there are some topics that are very hard to talk about. When you discuss things like politics, religion, personal relationships or other subjects that can make people feel emotional or angry, you have to be very careful about …

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How to Create a Great LinkedIn Profile in English

Image representing students learning how to create a great LinkedIn Profile in English

Are you learning English because you want to get a top job in an English language country? If so, you need to make sure that you present yourself in the best possible way online, too. LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking website in the world. It’s more and more likely that, when you apply …

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What Does “April Fools’ Day” Mean?

Image representing students learning about what April Fools' Day means

Have you seen any news stories in the last few days that seemed a bit strange? Perhaps your English-speaking friends were in an unusually childish mood on Saturday morning? That’s because, for people in the UK, Northern Europe, India, and many English speaking countries around the world, April 1st is “April Fools’ Day”, also called …

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Want to Improve Your Conversational English Faster? Ask More Questions!

Image representing students learning how to improve their conversational English faster by asking more questions

In his famous book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie points out that there is one very simple way to get people to like you and enjoy talking to you: ask them lots of questions about themselves. Everybody wants to feel like they are interesting enough for other people to listen to, …

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A Quick Guide to Irish English

Image representing a student learning Irish English

St Patrick’s Day is a very popular celebration all over the world and there is a good chance that, wherever you live, there was a Paddy’s Day-themed night on Friday, with plenty of people wearing green and drinking pints of Guinness, whether they are Irish or not. But, while Irish culture is loved everywhere, many …

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What is An Oxymoron?

Image representing students learning what an oxymoron is

If you’re thinking, “an oxy-what?” … don’t worry! Although it looks like a difficult word, it isn’t TOO hard to pronounce: just break it down into ox – ee – more – on. Well, that’s how you say it. But what is it? An oxymoron is a phrase that uses two words or terms together …

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How to Improve Your Reading Score on the IELTS Exam

Image representing a student learning how to improve her reading score on the IELTS Exam

Many students find the reading test to be the least stressful part of their IELTS exam. Unlike the listening test, you have time to think about each question and come back to it later. Having the words written down in front of you also means that you are under less pressure than in speaking and …

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Want to Learn English Faster? Start Laughing!

Image representing students wanting to learn English faster by laughing

Do you want to learn new words and grammar faster, and to remember more of what you learn without needing to revise? Of course you do! Who wouldn’t want that? The great news is that the secret to better learning isn’t to spend an extra five hours staring at your textbook. In fact, it is …

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How to Explain What Someone Else Said in English

Image representing students learning how to explain what someone else said in English

A teacher at school once told me that using reported speech is a great way to make your stories more interesting for the person reading or listening. “Reported speech is a great way to make your stories more interesting,” she said. Did you see what happened there? I just showed you two different ways to …

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Phrasal Verbs Explained

Image representing students learning more about phrasal verbs

Phrasal verbs are one of the most difficult things for English learners to understand and use accurately. Unfortunately, they are used very often in the English language! In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at some common expressions that use phrasal verbs and try to make them a little less scary to …

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