Learn French in France

There's no better place to improve your French skills than in a country passionate about its own language.

Study in the heart of France

France is a beautiful country, home to generations of stunning architecture and innovative fashion. It's also a country that loves to eat and drink, from haute cuisine and fine wines to traditional local specialities. Study here and you'll learn more than just a language - you'll discover history and culture, new tastes, and new trends. The French are as passionate about their language as they are about their food. 

95% of our students find a job within 3 months

Erich K. K. Guerra, Brasil
The teachers and staff don’t just help you because it is their job. I felt like I was in a family, every break, every week, every weekend and all the times we went on a trip together. Eurocentres is more than just a school.

Erich K. K. Guerra, Brasil

Michelle Larios, Colombia
I think I will never forget the countless experiences that I have had in the school and with friends I made. Eurocentres is definitely a great school because of its personalised education and focus on every student’s needs.

Michelle Larios, Colombia

Luisa Gazzano, Italy
The best way to learn English: small classes, focus on IELTS and FCE exams, good teachers.

Luisa Gazzano, Italy

Mateo Monsalve, Ecuador
Eurocentres has been amazing. You learn the language in a dynamic way while you meet people from all around the world. The teachers are very good and helpful. I would definitely recommend Eurocentres, you will have a once in a lifetime experience.

Mateo Monsalve, Ecuador


  • Paris

    Learn French at Eurocentres Paris - in the heart of the famous Latin Quarter, just a few minutes away from Notre Dame. The central location of our Paris school offers a great environment to study and practice. The city is a constant companion in your learning process, with plenty going on and lots to do. Situated in the peaceful pedestrian zone just a few minutes away from the main sights of Paris, our Paris centre provides a historic atmosphere combined with all the contemporary comforts needed for modern learning.
    • Interactive whiteboards
    • Computer room and printer
    • Terrace
    • WiFi
    • Library
    • Relaxation area for students
    • Distributors
  • La Rochelle

    Learn French in La Rochelle - an idyllic location close to the sea. A charming harbour town, La Rochelle began in the 10th century as a fishing village. Today, it retains its old-world appeal, while offering modern comforts and entertainment. Our La Rochelle school is only a short walk away from the historic centre of this seaside town, in a contemporary building, providing the latest in educational facilities and technologies. The convenient location and many cafes and restaurants nearby make our La Rochelle school ideal for a relaxing, enjoyable study experience.
    • 3 classrooms
    • Computer room
    • Student lounge
    • Interactive whiteboards
    • Learning centre
    • WiFi


School locations

Eurocentres offers schools in three unique locations across France, with easy access to the cultural attractions and entertainment options of the area. Depending on your preference, you can study in the elegant capital, by the sea, or in the heart of the French countryside. Each destination showcases a different side to the country, but regardless of of where you choose, you can be sure of learning more than just a language.

Other destinations

  • destination-london


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    Home to people from all walks of life, the UK is a multicultural mosaic of colourful cities and natural scenery.
  • destination-san-diego


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    There's no better place to sharpen your language skills than one vast country full of many distinct cultures.
  • destination-canada


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    Living and studying in an enchanting UNESCO World Heritage Site is nothing less than inspiring.

Visa information

Requirements and regulations for French visas vary from country to country. Students are advised to contact the appropriate Embassy in their home country well in advance of their planned travel dates in order to arrange documentation. Individual schools will be able to advise on certain procedures upon arrival, however, it is the student's responsibility to attain the appropriate documentation and correct class of visa before coming.

Success stories

  • Yuki Nakamoto

    "Thanks to Eurocentres' help, I had the opportunity to work at a local primary school as a volunteer."
  • Andressa Rodriguez

    Andressa Rodriguez
    "The course material is excellent and the teachers are fabulous! I love all of them."
  • Fusako Ishikawa

    Fusako Ishikawa
    "I didn't learn only French but also learned about the French culture, way of life, food and wine."


For detailed advice and information on what's available at any Eurocentres school, access our 2019 brochure now.