Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET)

Master the practical English skills you need for everyday situations.
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    Prepares you to take the Cambridge English PET exam

  • Demonstrates mastery of English at an intermediate level

    Demonstrates mastery of English at an intermediate level

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    Shows that you can read articles and write emails and letters in English

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    Provides a globally-accepted qualification

70 Years Experience

With over 70 years of experience in language teaching, Eurocentres is committed to providing services of the highest standards at schools all over the world. 


As part of the Cambridge University, Cambridge Assessment English are world leaders in qualifications and tests for English learners. Their Cambridge English Qualifications offer an exciting progression from PET at B1 all the way up to Proficiency at C2. Deciding to take the PET exam once you have reached intermediate/B1 gives a new focus to your studies. Students often find that this motivates them to continue learning and achieving - and you'll have a certificate to show for it at the end, too. Taking a B1: Preliminary course with Eurocentres means that you'll have support and guidance every step of the way, as well as benefit from a combination of general language and exam-based skills training. The PET certificate is a good way to officially showcase your mastery of English for practical, everyday situations, proving that you have what it takes to communicate effectively in English-speaking environments.

  • Duration

    7-11 weeks
  • Entry Level

  • Max class size


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This course consists of 30 lessons per week, including 20 morning lessons of general language improvement, 5 afternoon lessons of exam technique, and a further 5 afternoon lessons of PET guided exam practice. In the morning programme, you will build fluency, grammatical accuracy and 21st-century communication skills towards a B1 level of English. In the afternoon sessions you will focus on learning essential skills for each part of the exam paper, which assesses your speaking, writing, listening, and reading with use of English. 5 lessons a week are dedicated to exam practice and mock testing.

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    Improves your opportunities for work and travel

    Studying for a PET exam gives you plenty of practice in using natural English in relevant contexts.
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    Familiarise yourself with the Cambridge exam system.

    One of the first of the Cambridge English exams for adults
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    An authentic focus

    Studies have shown that we study better with a tangible, achievable goal in mind.

95% of our students find a job within 3 months

교사와 직원은 단순히 직업이기 때문에 도움을 주는 것이 아닙니다. 가족처럼 느꼈고, 휴식 시간마다, 매주, 매주 주말에 항상 함께 여행을 갔습니다. Eurocentres는 단순 학교 그 이상입니다.

Erich K. Guerra, 브라질

학교에서 그리고 사귄 친구들과 겪은 많은 경험들을 절대로 잊을 수 없을 겁니다. Eurocentres는 맞춤식 교육과 모든 학생들의 요구에 초점을 맞추기 때문에 너무나 훌륭한 곳입니다.

Michelle Larios, 콜롬비아

Eurocentres는 놀랍습니다. 전 세계의 모든 사람들을 만나는 동안 역동적인 방식으로 언어를 배우게 됩니다. 선생님들은 매우 훌륭하고 도움이 됩니다. 평생 한번 경험할 Eurocentres를 꼭 추천드립니다.

Mateo Monsalve, 에콰도르

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