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Language School SydneyEurocentres: Grand opera for English students

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Sydney: a harbour city that is second to none, a port of call for backpackers and thrill seekers from all over the world, and the flagship of Australian cosmopolitanism. The largest city in Australia is one of the top places to visit of the southern seas – and for language stays.

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Journey with Eurocentres to the east coast of Australia and learn English literally on the other side of the world. Only a few cities offer the Australian attitude to life in such an attractive and modern environment as Sydney. Lying directly on the broad expanse of the Pacific Ocean, the city has become the stage for a magical maritime atmosphere and a matching sea of opportunities that you will encounter in Sydney.

Mussel fishing – What to see and how to get there

The sights of Sydney

Speaking of the stage, one of the most famous stages in the world is in the Sydney Opera House, which is probably the most well-known symbol of the city. The wing and mussel-shaped building is in the centre of Port Jackson, Sydney’s natural harbour. The Royal Botanic Gardens link directly to the side where the main entrance is found. Visiting this tourist magnet is worth more than just capturing the architectural masterpiece on camera. All those drawn in by the water in the green coastal atmosphere find themselves in the heart of this surfer’s paradise. Bondi Beach is just a few kilometres away from the centre, which, together with the Opera House, is one of the most visited places in Sydney. Feel the power of the Pacific Ocean and the origins of Australian surfing culture.

Getting there: Fly to Sydney and learn English

Your language study abroad in Sydney gets off to a really easy start, as a high-flyer. The Kingsford Smith Airport is just nine kilometres south of Sydney and has its own airport line, which takes you into the heart of this thrilling global metropolis in just 15 to 20 minutes. From there, you can discover the city’s gems in a relaxed way – whether in Port Jackson from the ferry or within the city by train, which you can use to get to the many stations in Sydney’s urban area. Trains also run from Sydney Central Station to Brisbane and Melbourne, where you can discover fascinating places away from your language stay, meet new people, and gain many exciting and linguistic experiences. The language knowledge taught by Eurocentres forms the perfect basis for all of this.

Details about getting to Sydney >>>

Sea Bridge – Eurocentres Language School

Bridging the gap –  it isn’t just the impressive Sydney Harbour Bridge which connects the northern and southern parts of the city close to the Opera House; the Eurocentres Language School does it too. The school isn’t far from these two landmarks and connects language learning with entertainment, the traditional with the unusual, and each individual language student with the world. Students from all corners of the world come here and learn together on the many different English courses. The central location enables you to get to Darling Harbour quickly. The recreational area has many restaurants, shopping centres and cultural establishments, where you can put your new language knowledge into practice straight away. In line with this, every week the Eurocentres Language School offers an additional activity that gives you very different access to the English language: Job Club, Pronunciation Intensive, Coffee Shop Conversation, Listening through Music or TV Slang, all bring variation to your language learning and enrich your language stay.

Relaxed and varied language learning

On your language study abroad in Sydney you’ll find all sorts of opportunities in this city of many faces. That is also really important to us when learning English at the Eurocentres Language School. That is why various recognised language certificates are included in our range of courses. In addition to excellent language content, there is an appealing atmosphere, which is of great benefit to learning success. The IT equipment at the Sydney Language School is superbly set up with numerous computers including Wi-Fi access. The students have access to a private kitchen with microwaves and a fridge. After all, language success makes you hungry. The large common room with a TV and DVDs as well as the lounge invite a more informal type of exchange between teachers and the students, away from the lessons. Leave the country of rigid language theory and journey to the sea of sustainable language learning – the Eurocentres Language School in Sydney is the ideal bridge for this.

Sand Bank – Accommodation and lodgings

Sydney’s host families

Whether you let yourself drift on the intercultural river of the city or dive into the depths of the English language, a welcoming haven is extremely important for your well-being during a language study abroad. Our host families represent real islands of rest and relaxation during the thrilling surfing of your language stay. Every host – whether it be a single person, a retired couple or families with children – is carefully selected by Eurocentres and will give you a warm welcome. Here culture and language learning meet, in a relaxed atmosphere that opens up a window into the mentality of the Australians and the English language. Only with this type of accommodation are you likely to get insider tips about Sydney, enjoy cosy evenings with Australian specialities, and perhaps even get one or two hours of surfing in.

Student hall of residence: A unique language study abroad in Sydney

Both locations for our student halls of residence present themselves as an authentic sand bank, but they are in fact in the middle of Sydney’s finance and business quarter. At the same time, it also marks the city centre and is thus a gathering place for revellers and sightseeing fans. At the modern student hall of residence you will meet students from across the world and also find yourself squarely in the heart of the city, from where you will set off on discovery tours and daytrips together. So you can improve your English in a fun way whilst at the same time making new and valuable intercultural contacts. And Sydney, more than any other city, knows how to make friendships for life out of these contacts.

Details about accommodation in Sydney >>>

Ocean –Eurocentres Language School, Sydney

The waves break on Bondi Beach, the breeze of the Pacific reaches the streets of the city, and the sun glistens on the wings of the opera house and off the steel of the Harbour Bridge. It doesn’t take much more to fall for Sydney’s charms. The city and its people know how to share the character of Australia: friendly, outgoing, relaxed, and unique – an atmosphere that is also reflected in the first-class courses and modern spaces at the Eurocentres Language School. Discover this fascinating place with us during the course of an insightful language study abroad. Learn English in a place like nowhere else, encounter the international flavour of the city and the language school, and create unforgettable memories in Sydney, an ocean of opportunities.

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    Language Course Start Date Weeks Lessons Price
    Course informationGeneral English Course
    20 US$214
    Course informationFulltime IELTS
    20 US$428
    Course informationGap Year (Language Year)
    20 US$5,401
    Beginner Start Dates Sydney

    There are no start dates for beginners.

    School Highlights
    • Stunning and lively multicultural city.
    • Located in the heart of the city within walking distance of the tourist sites.
    • Accredited by NEAS, English Australia
    • Duration of a lesson: 60 minutes.
    • eLearning programme my.Eurocentres before, during and after your stay

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    “At the Eurocentres school in Sydney the teachers and the classmates are like a family. I’ve found people helpful and friendly. Everyone is unforgettable. The school is a great place to learn English and I’ve experienced and learned things here I will always carry in my heart.”

    School Services

    • 9 Classrooms
    • Air conditioning
    • Computer room
    • Kitchen
    • Learning centre
    • Student lounge
    • Vending machines
    • Wheelchair Accessible
    • Wifi


    A typical day at Eurocentres Sydney

    We are one big family: This is what Peter is experiencing during his language stay in Sydney. Which is why he has not been homesick for even one second! Or maybe it is because there are always so many interesting things happening. No, life is never boring in a city like Sydney. Sydney is lively, multicultural and has an exciting nightlife. The transport network is also exceptional, so that getting around is never a problem. The average journey between the accommodation and the school, however, is between 40 and 60 minutes. This time can be used to learn your school work or interact with the locals to improve your fluency – the time will fly. 

    Peter has chosen a studio apartment as his accommodation. For him, it is the ideal solution as he likes having time to himself. He finds the preparatory course for the IELTS exam quite challenging. The teachers know exactly how to push and support the students – to good effect: best results are obtained during the time available and the students get good exam scores. Peter considers the many sporting opportunities close to the school to be a highlight of his free time: there are swimming, tennis, basketball and volleyball facilities. What he particularly liked was his visit to Sydney Aquarium with its more than 650 highly spectacular underwater creatures.

    Facts and Numbers


    70-72 Bathurst Street
    Sydney NSW 2000

    Student Nationalities

    Europe 35%
    Asia 35%
    Latin America 25%
    Various 5%

    Age Mix

    Ages 19-24 50%
    Ages 25-30 40%
    Over 30 10%

    Opening Hours

    Mon-Fr: 08.30 - 17.00

    School Holidays

    01.10.2018, 24.12.2018 - 04.01.2019, 28.01.2019, 19.04.2019, 22.04.2019, 25.04.2019, 10.06.2019, 07.10.2019, 01.01.2019, 02.01.2019, 03.01.2019, 04.01.2019, 23.12.2019 - 03.01.2020