Language School La Rochelle

Study French by the sea in this charming harbour town.
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    Walk from school into the historic town centre.

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    Enjoy great airport and train links to Paris and other destinations.

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    Experience traditional French ways of life.

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    2019 DELF/DALF success rate.

Study French by the sea in La Rochelle

With its many historic sites, splendid seaside panoramics, and old-world charm, it's easy to see why La Rochelle is a popular destination for French language learners. Originally a fishing village, this harbour town and its inhabitants are laid-back and friendly, meaning that you'll have plenty of opportunities to improve your language skills outside of the classroom.
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Courses available at this school

Take a look at the courses available for this school:
  • General Language

    Gain fluency and confidence in French and 21st Century Skills while you build the transferable skill set you'll need to thrive in our increasingly connected world.

    Intensity: 20/25 lessons per week
    Duration: 1-52 weeks
    Maximum class size: 14

    From: 247€ per week

  • French for Beginners

    French for Beginners at Eurocentres is a supportive, structured course that accommodates learners who have had very little exposure to French. Surrounded by other students at the same level as you, this course gives you the opportunity to build confidence and get to grips with the basics, step-by-step.

    Intensity: 20/25 lessons per week
    Duration: 1-52 weeks
    Maximum class size: 14

    From: 247€ per week

  • Language Semester/Year

    For bookings of 22 weeks or more, you can choose to change your school, course, or destination every 12 weeks. This provides flexibility and diverse international experiences, as well as prolonged exposure to the language of your studies.

    Intensity: 20/25 lessons per week
    Duration: 1-52 weeks
    Maximum class size: 14

    From: 247€ per week

  • Private Lessons

    Whether you're taking exam classes or general language, adding private lessons to your schedule is a great way to improve your language skills quickly.

    Intensity:  5-40 lessons per week
    Duration: 1-51 weeks
    Maximum class size: 1

    105€ / lesson

  • DELF B2

    When you hold the DELF B2 in your hands, the Francophone world is at your doorstep. For example, you are exempted from the language test on entry to a French university and the business world can rejoice in your excellent French.

    Intensity: 25 lessons per week
    Duration: 2-4 weeks
    Maximum class size: 14

    From: 269€ per week

  • DALF C1

    20 lessons per week, 4 lessons in one class group, and 5 lessons in a second group. The General Language programme is the same as Basic 20, while the extra classes of the programme focuses on the language and communication skills needed to achieve a good score in the DALF test, with the necessary exam practice in the 4 parts of the test.

    Intensity: 20/25 lessons per week
    Duration: 1-52 weeks
    Maximum class size: 14

    From: 247€ per week



Our Students say

The teachers and staff don’t just help you because it is their job. I felt like I was in a family, every break, every week, every weekend and all the times we went on a trip together. Eurocentres is more than just a school.

Erich K. Guerra, Brazil

I think I will never forget the countless experiences that I have had in the school and with friends I made. Eurocentres is definitely a great school because of its personalised education and focus on every student’s needs.

Michelle Larios, Colombia

Eurocentres has been amazing. You learn the language in a dynamic way while you meet people from all around the world. The teachers are very good and helpful. I would definitely recommend Eurocentres, you will have a once in a lifetime experience.

Mateo Monsalve, Ecuador

School information

Our La Rochelle school is only a few minutes' walk from the centre of the old town, where there are many traditional French bistros as well as contemporary cafes. The town's dock is its focal point, and is home to many tourist attractions such as a large aquarium (reputed to be the most beautiful in Europe) and the Musée du Nouveau Monde, which explains the development of the area and its lucrative trade with America.
  • 3 Classrooms
  • Learning centre
  • Student lounge
  • WiFi

City Sights

The presence of the old lighthouse in the central docks area of La Rochelle is a gentle reminder of the town's fishing and shipping heritage. From here, a maze of archways and cobbled streets lead to the old town, which is full of Medieval half-timbered houses and patrician mansions of long-ago wealthy merchants. This vibrant town is rich in history and traditional French seaside culture, bordered by the Adriatic sea and protected by the town wall with its three fortified towers. 


Rapid 10 Mon - Fr  08:30-10:00 or 13:15-14:45

Swift 15  Mon - Fr 8:30-11:00 or 13:15-15:45

Basic 20 Mon - Fr 08:30-12:00 or 13:15 - 16:45

Standard 25  Mon - Fr 08:30-13:00 or 12:15 - 16:45


How to Get There

La Rochelle has a well-connected train station at its centre, and its own airport - Aeroport de La Rochelle - nearby. It is also possible to fly into another French airport and take the train directly to La Rochelle. As a harbour town, there are also passenger ships that load and unload in the large port of La Pallice.

Cost of living

Costs of Living (approx.)
Bus ride: 1.30 EUR
Clubbing: 10 EUR
Soft drink: 3.50 EUR
Coffee: 1.50 EUR
Dinner: 25 EUR
Fast food: 15 EUR
Movie: 8.90 EUR
Estimated pocket money / week: 150 EUR

Facts & Figures

Time Zone:
GMT +1
125 000


What teachers say about the Language School La Rochelle?

Studying in La Rochelle is the best way to improve your French skills while learning a new way of life.
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Residence Les Minimes, La Rochelle from €385 per week

  • The coast is at a 5 minute walk and a beautiful park leads to the beach. Each studio has twin beds or double bed.

Home stay, La Rochelle from €190 per week

  • There are a variety of homestays available to suit everyone – from families with children, to single owner occupiers, to retired couples. All of our homestay providers including professional agencies if used, have been carefully chosen, and are regularly inspected. Bedrooms are clean and comfortable and all students will be provided with a place for quiet study.

Study destinations

Get to know your study destination and your classmates by joining our many weekly social activities. With events taking place every day including weekends, you'll have plenty of opportunities to learn more about French culture and improve your language skills too!

Featured Courses

  • General French

    From 247€ per week

    Gain fluency and confidence in French and 21st Century Skill.
    • Entry-level: 2–9/A2–C1
    • Lessons per week: 20/25
    • Duration: 1–52 weeks
  • Gap Year

    From €5928

    The long-term study option that offers flexibility and diverse international experiences.
    • Entry-level: 0-9 (A1-C1)
    • Lessons per week: 20/25
    • Duration: 24-48 weeks
    • Option to change school, course, or destination every 12 weeks
  • 1-2-1 Lessons

    €105 per lesson

    Receive a completely personalised service, tailored specifically to your own needs.
    • Entry-level: 4-9 (B1-C1)
    • Duration: 2-52 weeks
    • Online sessions available


For detailed advice and information on what's available at any Eurocentres school, access our 2019 brochure now.

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