Language School Dublin

A dynamic, bustling metropolis with a young, friendly and vibrant population is awaiting you.
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    A dynamic metropolis with a young and friendly atmosphere.

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    Located in the heart of Dublin City Centre.

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    Accredited: ACELS, membership of EAQUALS, IALC and MEI.

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    Special one-to-one courses.

Learn English in the technological hub, financial centre, and cultural metropolis.

The character of the Irish capital sets the ideal stage for an exciting and educational language stay abroad. Nowhere else on the island does the Irish mentality and urban lifestyle meet so head-on, making it a truly unique English learning experience
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Courses available at this school

Take a look at the courses available at this school:
  • General English

    Gain fluency and confidence in English and 21st Century Skills while you build the transferable skill set you'll need to thrive in our increasingly connected world.
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  • English for Beginners

    English for Beginners at Eurocentres is a supportive, structured course that accommodates learners who have had very little exposure to English. Surrounded by other students at the same level as you, this course gives you the opportunity to build confidence and get to grips with the basics, step-by-step.
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  • IELTS Full-Time

    Get full time preparation and practice for the Academic IELTS Test, which is an entry requirement for British, Australian, Canadian, New Zealand and South African universities.
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  • FCE

    The Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) is one of the most commonly attained language certificates worldwide; it enjoys an excellent reputation among many universities and companies.
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  • CAE

    A CAE course at Eurocentres prepares students to take the Cambridge English Advanced Exam, a qualification recognised by thousands of organisations across the globe.
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  • Business English

    Business English is aimed at students who want to add a more specific focus to their language learning. If you already know you need English for a professional environment, or are thinking about entering into an international workplace, taking this Eurocentres course will give you the edge that you need in the 21st century business world.
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  • Language Semester / Year

    For bookings of 22 weeks or more, you can choose to change your school, course, or destination every 12 weeks. This provides flexibility and diverse international experiences, as well as prolonged exposure to the language of your studies.
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  • Private Lessons

    Whether you're taking exam classes or general language, adding private lessons to your schedule is a great way to improve your language skills quickly.
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Our Students say

The teachers and staff don’t just help you because it is their job. I felt like I was in a family, every break, every week, every weekend and all the times we went on a trip together. Eurocentres is more than just a school.

Erich K. Guerra, Brazil

I think I will never forget the countless experiences that I have had in the school and with friends I made. Eurocentres is definitely a great school because of its personalised education and focus on every student’s needs.

Michelle Larios, Colombia

Eurocentres has been amazing. You learn the language in a dynamic way while you meet people from all around the world. The teachers are very good and helpful. I would definitely recommend Eurocentres, you will have a once in a lifetime experience.

Mateo Monsalve, Ecuador

School information

The central location makes the Eurocentres partner school in Dublin stand out. Located very close to O'Connell Street, the Twin English Centre Dublin is within walking distance of the city centre. In the Ilac Shopping Centre or on the famous James Joyce Bridge, the friendly and open-hearted Irish people will be so welcoming that it will feel like a private lesson on the streets of Dublin.

Located in the heart of the city, the language school Twin English Centre Dublin is a magical place for students who are eager to better their English skills in the Irish capital. The school is located in two 19th Century buildings, providing the authenticity of times past as well as the amenities of modern classrooms. Close to main attractions such as Trinity College, St. Patrick's Cathedral and Dublin Castle, Dublin will thrill students with an infinite list of activities. 

  • 18 classrooms
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Media centre
  • Computer room
  • Library
  • Cafeteria
  • Student lounge
  • WiFi

City sights

Enjoy the full the innumerable sights, events and activities which Dublin offers its visitors. The school provides information on this, as well as places of interest. The aim is to encourage students to make discoveries, to immerse themselves in the environment and the culture. The school organises regular social activities, which help students to mix and make lasting friendships.


9:00am - 1:00pm (morning sessions)
2:00 - 4:05pm (afternoon sessions)

How to get there

Thanks to its location right on the east coast of Ireland, you can fly or take the ferry over to Dublin. A language stay here also gives you the right connections to take a day trip to Liverpool in England. The lovely boat trip will top this leisure time off nicely. In Dublin itself, the bus network forms the core of the public transport system. Different bus services will quickly take you to the centrally-located partner school, the Twin English Center Dublin, whilst the night buses will carry you safely through Dublin's nightlife.

Dublin International Airport

Garden of Rememberance

Public Transport Info:
1 month: approx. 119 EUR

Cost of living

Costs of Living (approx.)
Bus ride: 2.50 EUR
Clubbing: 20 EUR
Soft drink: 1.50 EUR
Coffee: 2.50 EUR
Dinner: 25 EUR
Fast food: 8 EUR
Movie: 8 EUR
Estimated pocket money / week: 150 EUR

Facts & Figures

Time Zone:
1 200 000


What teachers say about the Language School Dublin?

Eurocentres Dublin is the perfect location to learn English and to experience the hospitable Irish mentality.


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Beckett House, Dublin price on request

  • Beckett House
    123 Summerhill
  • Beckett House is located about 7 minute walk from the school and 5-10 minute walk from city centre. Modern, clean, bright and well furnished student accommodation. There are single rooms with private bathrooms and a shared living room and kitchen.
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry facilities
  • Room cleaning
  • WiFi
  • Private facilities
  • Bedding
  • Mixed gender floors
  • Fridge
  • Towels

Distance to school by foot (in minutes): 7 | Nearest public transport: Dublin Bus stop


Homestay, Dublin from €164 per week

  • Homestay
  • There are a variety of homestays available to suit everyone – from families with children, to single owner occupiers, to retired couples. All of our homestay providers including professional agencies if used, have been carefully chosen, and are regularly inspected. Bedrooms are clean and comfortable and all students will be provided with a place for quiet study.
  • Laundry facilities
  • Room cleaning
  • WiFi
  • Shared facilities
  • Towels
  • Bedding

Distance to school by public transport (in minutes): 30 to 50


In addition to the harp and shamrock, which are not the only famous emblems of Ireland, there is of course also the leprechaun, who is a mischievous little man that will take you to his treasure at the end of the rainbow (if you catch him). The city's many architecturally impressive bridges and the vast Dublin Zoo, there is the liquid treasure of the city which is always on offer, Guinness, Ireland's most popular export.

A wide variety of pubs, many offering traditional Irish music, art galleries, museums, theatres and concert venues. There’s always something going on in Dublin - and people always find time for you.

City/Countryside Excursions

Day Excursions:
Japanese Gardens and National Stud, Co Kildare - approx. EUR 20
Kilkenny & Castle - approx.EUR 20
Trim Castle and Tara, Co Meath - approx.EUR 20

Longer Excursions:
Galway & Cliffs of Moher - approx. EUR 180
Weekend trip - 2 nights hostel accommodation; minimum 15 people. Food not included.

Ring of Kerry - approx. EUR 180:
Weekend trip - 2 nights hostel accommodation; minimum 15 people. Food not included.

City Sights

City Hall:
Reminder of Dublin's golden age.

Dublin Castle:
Former seat of British power.

James Joyce Bridge:
The crossing over.

National Gallery of Ireland:
Ireland's largest collection of art.

Shaw's Birthplace:
Childhood home of Irish playwright.

Featured Courses

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    General English

    Gain fluency and confidence in English and 21st Century Skills.
    • Entry level: 2–9/A2–C1
    • Lessons per week: 20/25/30
    • Duration: 1–52 weeks
  • pricing-circle@2x

    Gap Year

    The long-term study option that offers flexibility and diverse international experiences.
    • Entry level: 0-9 (A1-C1)
    • Lessons per week: 20/25/30
    • Duration: 24-48 weeks
    • Option to change school, course, or destination every 12 weeks
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    IELTS Preparation

    The IELTS exam certifies your English level and opens your doors to new opportunities.
    • Entry level: 4–9/B1–C1
    • Lessons per week: 20/30
    • Duration: 2–52 weeks


For detailed advice and information on what's available at any Eurocentres school, access our 2019 brochure now.

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