Free Language Test

Quick, Adaptive, Diagnostic Testing Of Language Knowledge.

Test your language level in under 20 minutes

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    Quick, adaptive, diagnostic testing of language knowledge


    The Eurocentres WebCAT test provides a convenient way to quickly check your level of grammar and vocabulary knowledge in a language you are thinking of studying.

    Whilst it cannot give you a certificated level for language skills, it is still very useful to help you decide what you think your level probably is, and you can use this information to decide on our language course.

Here’s how it works:

The test uses clever ‘adaptive’ technology to diagnose your level of language knowledge without losing time. 

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    If you get a question right, it will give
    you a slightly harder question. 
    If you get a 
    question wrong it will give you a slightly easier question.

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    As you answer more questions
    it monitors your correct and incorrect
    responses to find a pattern.

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    When the pattern is strong enough the test will end, and it will give you an estimated level of language knowledge!

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