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Discover a collection of high quality language schools around the world. Enjoy effective courses, expert counselling and superb rates, guaranteed.

What is a language learning experience?

Have you ever wanted to learn a language there where it is spoken day in, day out? Similarly, have you ever felt the need to experience a different culture or setting than your own? Thousands of students every year wish to do just that, and hence embark on a language learning experience.

Questions that need to be answered when you are considering a language learning experience:  

  • What language do I want to learn?
  • How much time can I be gone?
  • Where do I want to go? Climate preferences, places never seen…
  • Where do I want to stay once there: family stay, study residence, apartment, hotel?
  • Ambitions?

► Personal ones: therapy against bashfulness, general social competence, eagerness for new cultures and friendships, broadening one’s horizon, independence
► Professional ones: advantage for the CV, language diplomas, international interaction, contacts and knowledge

  • Which language course suits me best?

► How many hours per week? More time for social activities?
► Exam course? Cambridge, IELTS, DELF/DALF etc.

  • Who is going to help me organize my language learning experience?

► Are they trustworthy and accredited? Do they know the schools personally? Do they provide interesting afterschool activities?

Eurocentres checklist – why you should plan your language learning experience with us

  • Easier

► We list our best schools in order to facilitate your choice.

  • Better

► We have been teaching languages abroad for almost seventy years! Quality is our first name!

  • Quicker

► You want a quote? Right away? It will be our pleasure to let you have it – with price guarantee!

  • More personal

► Our consultants personally know the schools and make it their priority to listen to your wishes!

  • More flexible

► Last but not least, our consultants speak 10 languages and will assist you any way they can.

Contact us now for a free consultation, either at info [at] eurocentres [dot] com or calling this number: +41 44 485 50 40

Free Language Test
Should you already want to dive into your language learning experience, we recommend you get to know your language level first! Here you will find our very own Eurocentres language test to assess your language skills!
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