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We celebrate 70 Years of Eurocentres!

Your Success is our Success

Here you will find the most exhilarating and thrilling success stories from our students!

Eurocentres Greenwich Eltham
I went to Eurocentres Eltham 2 years ago for three weeks and I learnt a lot. All that I learnt is still useful for me now that I'm studying to become a translator in English. It was also a great experience because I got to meet wonderful people. I'll definitely come back.
Eurocentres Paris
I spent 1 month at Eurocentres Paris, it was a great experience. I came back to Brazil wanting to learn more and it was an amazing life experience living as a French person in Paris (getting the metro, finding good restaurants to have lunch at). The family that received me was marvelous, they were like a true family for me while I spent my time there. Hope I can go back really soon to relive that experience again.
Eurocentres Paris
My 2 friends and I spent a month at Eurocentres Paris. We were in different classes so we met different people and had different experiences. It was one of the best experiences I had in my life, living with my friends in a pretty small Parisian apartment and enjoying everything that the city has to offer in the summer. I learned a lot and when I came back to Brasil I passed the DELF A2 exam. Mission accomplished! Thanks for everything @eurocentres_paris.

Our 70th Jubilee Specials

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