Virtual Internship Programme

Kick-start your international career with a virtual internship

Gain international work experience

Build a pathway for a future international career

Improve your CV and stand out to employers

Develop specific skills in the field of your choice


Your Benefits

  • English Fluency
    reach B2-C1 and develop business English skills

  • Guaranteed Internship
    20-30 hours per week for 4 to 12 weeks

  • 950 Host Companies
    based in the UK and in Asia, 18 career fields

  • Stand out to employers
    show initiative by securing an international virtual internship

  • 21st Century Skills
    receive a certification based on the CEFR

  • 360° Student Support
    before, during, and after the internship

  • Virtual Language Immersion
    virtual live classes, private tutoring and self-learning

  • Certifications & reference
    Language certification and a reference from your company

A Programme in 2 Phases

Phase 1: you will receive English and communication skills training tailored to your needs to ensure that you are well prepared for the virtual internship application and that you reach the required English level before starting your placement.

Phase 2: you will be placed in a company for your virtual internship from the comfort of your home.

Support: you will also receive support before, during and after your internship to help you develop the right skills.

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1. Language & Communication

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English skills
To be accepted in a virtual internship, you will need to reach the CEFR level B2. Our preparation ensures that you reach this objective. You will attend virtual live classes, group work sessions, learn by yourself on our platform and benefit from private tutorials.

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Professional communication
International companies need employees who can communicate effectively. Our course will prepare you to work online, negotiate and communicate with people from different cultures. You will also be trained to use digital tools.



Private tutorials
To increase your chances to get the best internship, your teacher will help you prepare your CV, cover letter and interview techniques. You will also receive guidance and feedback to help you progress quickly.



2. The Virtual Internship

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Guaranteed placement
You will have to choose your focus between a country of preference among China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, India and the United Kingdom OR a field of preference among 18 career fields.

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Your team and your manager
You will be integrated in the company for a period of 1 to 3 months. You will work in a team and report to a manager as if you were there. Working from home is different so we make sure you have the right support.



360° student support
You will have a dedicated Programme Experience Manager and an assigned internship coach to help you. You will also have access to CareerBridge where you need to complete a curriculum to gain skills that will be benifical during your career.



Virtual Internship

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Programme Options

The Programme Option - Virtual Internship

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