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Farewell, dear Alessandra!

We may have not worked together for as long as we thought we would, but it was more than enough to get to know the brilliant, beautiful and kind person you are: a supportive, reliable and great colleague, one we would want to keep until the end of time. 
But as you know, nothing's forever. Soon we are all going our separate ways, but...
Still, allow us to wish you all the very Best there is. While we hope that you are already at your happiest, we hope that your happiness and joy in life will only increase day by day, so that all your dreams may come true!
And to never have the feeling that we missed out on too much of each others' lives, we sent you something with which you can capture even just the small moments of life, so you may show us when we meet again. 
Now, off you go! Dive into the next adventurous chapter of your life! 
Sincerely yours,
Rahel, Steffi, Chiara, Jarek and Michel