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Top Autumn Destinations 2017

We’ve heard it said that autumn is all about replacing the hot, melting asphalt with golden-red foliage and basking in the fading glow of post-summer sunsets. Spicy pumpkin meals, cinnamon, Harry Potter reruns and Halloween parties are also said to be part of the deal. But mostly, fall means going back to school! We from Eurocentres can safely say that it is that – but also a lot, lot more.

If you happen to have any amount of spare time between two weeks and a year, we suggest you dust off those rarely-used language skills, or throw yourself into the learning of a new language you have always wanted to speak. The following destinations are just perfect for language study stays during fall – and beyond.


Home to the artistic expression of rebellion against some of humanity’s most outrageous acts, Berlin speaks to students who love the vitality of multiculturalism, street art and tasty food. The city lends itself well to autumn as it provides festivals with an infinite variety of market food. Visit the language school page to learn more about Berlin and the German courses at your disposal.


While Switzerland is typically thought of as a winter destination for skiing and fondue, some Swiss cities are living proof that the country is worth visiting during the other seasons as well. Lausanne, one of the crown jewels of the Romandie, is the perfect spot for anyone who wants to brush up their French skills and enjoy daily adventures, like visiting nearby must-see places such as Geneva, the Swiss capital Berne or France. Take a peak at our French school in Lausanne and book your course now!


Undoubtedly London appeals to students from all over the world for many reasons. Walking on London's streets will give you that bit of Shakespearian DNA you seek whilst profiting from the vibrancy of the melting pot that the capital represents. London in fall is the true embodiment – and certainly font of inspiration - of many songs dedicated to autumn. Choose your English language course right now on our website!


Known worldwide as the City of Love, Paris sets out to enchant its visitors with more than just its romantic potential! Forged by some of the Middle Ages’ most significant names, today it is a city that invites people from all over the world for its timeless monuments, sophisticated food, and magical atmosphere. Paris and fall are best friends, which is why we suggest you join the duo for an unforgettable experience. Visit our school page to book your French language course.


If your heart has ever pulled you towards a trip to Ireland, autumn must be the time – and Galway the place – to do so! Enjoy an English course during the day and enjoy the city in the evenings, where nightlife peaks with numerous pubs, restaurants and small stalls selling souvenirs. The cosy streets of this small town will bestow upon you tranquillity and an undeniable familiarity. Take a look at our school page to choose the English course that suits your needs.


This goes out to anyone who would like to learn Spanish this fall; Madrid is the city for you! Dynamic, cosmopolitan and with a variegated programme for everybody, the Spanish city is the perfect location for students who are eager to interact with Madrid’s hospitable residents on Plaza de España or in a Jazz club in one of the city’s many alleys. Check our school page to discover the Spanish course for you and book your trip to Madrid now! 


Italy’s whole essence seems to be focused on summer, but gelati, pizza and pasta are not only served during the hottest months of the year. How about an Italian course in Florence, one of Europe’s key cities of culture, art and beauty? Visit the school page to learn more about the Italian courses at your disposal. We promise you will fall for Florence in every imaginable way. 


The destinations above do not match your expectations of the ideal fall destination for a language study stay abroad? Other cities await you, such as Brighton, Bournemouth, Cambridge, London Greenwich Eltham, Amboise, La Rochelle, Dublin, Barcelona and Valencia.

Any questions? Write or call us so that we can answer any question you might have!


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