Our Evolution is your Success

Combining all the values rooted in our DNA, Eurocentres invite you to join our transformational journey to success entirely centred around our customers.

COVID-19 Updates

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Our Vision Together

As MVC acquired Eurocentres, our new vision started to take form. This vision is based on the refreshed DNA of our brand, which involves principles of agility, innovation, customer-centricity and partnership integration.  In 2019, we have been transforming our business to better match the needs of our partners and students. This first phase is now reaching completion.

The second part of our journey together, phase 2, is in effect starting now. This phase will involve growth along three pillars: new products, innovative partnerships and an enhanced learning experience.

Our Roadmap

  • Phase 1

    In just about a year, Eurocentres has transformed its vision and has adapted to the constantly evolving global ecosystem by being agile, innovative and receptive. 

    Here are some of our milestone achievements so far:
    • A New Website
    • An Agent Portal
    • Two New School in Cambridge and London
    • Five new in-country schools
    • A Booking Tool
    • Ranked #1 in the UK
    • More than 30 hirings to grow
    • Rebranding
  • Phase 2

    As part of our transformational journey, we plan to collaborate more effectively with our partners, broaden our product portfolio and enhance the learning experience. In summary, our evolutionary process will be based on three pillars:

    · New products

    · New partnerships

    · New learning experience

    ...and embedded in our academic DNA, which embraces:

    • Innovation
    • Timeless Experience
    • Agility

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Phase 2, Together

  • New Products

    Our school and product portfolio has started to evolve based on your feedback and what the market told us. It will continue to do so in Phase 2. 

    • Schools: by consolidating our schools in the heart of attractive destinations, we aim to ensure that our students will benefit from everything each city has to offer.
    • Products: our objective is to go beyond English to meet modern customers' needs. We aim to be present in more, different capacities in the academic life of our students.
  • New Partnerships

    Our vision involves collaborating with different partners. Sales partners, our agents, are obviously at the centre of this pillar. However, as our culture is evolving towards agility and integration with the external world, we hope to create new, stronger partnerships, not only to increase sales but also to enhance our product and maximise value co-creation. In Phase 2, we will, therefore, aim to:

    • Enhance our sales partnerships.
    • Increase our portfolio of in-country schools.
    • Create an ecosystem of product offering.
  • New Learning Experience

    The quality of our academic delivery is our primary strength. Despite it, we are fully aware that students' demand is constantly evolving, as is the technology supporting their learning journey. Our objective will be to upgrade the student experience by improving the tools supporting the learning process. This will be achieved by:

    • Proposing a strong eLearning offering,
    • Being present across more devices and platforms,
    • Being supportive through an enhanced My.Eurocentres.
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    Technological Innovation
    By collaborating with companies that excel in specific technological capabilities, we endeavour to commit our time towards becoming a leader in the language and skills training industry by outsourcing and investing resources in-house.

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    Timeless Experience
    While our heritage can be traced back to 1948, our experience and expertise have evolved with the times. Our rich history still stands strong even after over 7 decades of academic excellence, we are still ranked as the #1 chain of schools for language learning in the UK.

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    Our adaptability and receptiveness to the changes in the global market structure, have stood the test of time. We listen, understand and evolve according to the needs and requirements of our key stakeholders - and that will drive our common success.


Partner Portal

Welcome to our partners portal where you can access all the necessary documents to support your students.
'I came with the purpose of learning about language, culture and seeking something completely new. And indeed everything has changed. With the improvement of my communication and expression in English, I got a job in London. All paths have opened perfectly now, I just have to thank all the Eurocentres team who supported me in everything from the beginning'.

Patricia Leal

Marketing Director
'The course is designed perfectly and the classes were intensive and fun at the same time. Euocentres helped me improve not only my vocabulary, but also my confidence and has helped me acquire a job as well'.

Mayara Campi

Product Analyst
'Arriving in Eurocentres Amboise to learn French, a language unknown to me, I have worked so well that I have now mastered some subtleties of the language and after nine months of total immersion, I have already passed several levels of the DELF (diploma d'études en langue française). Frankly, I like France. Since my birth, I like new things and this experience is impressive, it is a wealth of my life'

Sohey Koyama

International Trader



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