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Language School ValenciaEurocentres: Learn Spanish and enjoy the variety

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Time marches relentlessly on, leaving its mark on our cities. In Valencia, you’ll feel the presence of more than two millennia of human history. Yet the city is always looking towards the future. Learn Spanish with Eurocentres during a language stay in Valencia, at the intersection of stunning history and modern developments!

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Beginner Start Dates Valencia

20.08.2018, 03.09.2018, 15.10.2018, 26.11.2018

School Highlights   
  ✔ Centrally located in the safe university district 
   ✔ Mediterranean city with a long history, beautiful beaches and a mild warm climate.
    ✔ 2000 years of history right next to futuristic architecture 
     ✔ Accredited by Instituto Cervantes, FEDELE

Valencia was founded by the Romans more than two thousand years ago; over the centuries, it has grown to be the third-largest city in Spain. All the while, each historical era that passes by has shaped the image of the city in some way. The result we see today? A city characterised by the dynamism of historical and modern – and even futuristic – influences. There is surely no more exciting place to study the language in Spain. Come with us to Valencia, discover Spain through the ages and learn Spanish at our renowned language school!

The sands of time – what to see and what to do

Sightseeing in Valencia

If you study Spanish in Valencia, you’ll be learning at the intersection of past and future. The Old City reflects its long history: Discover Roman artefacts in the museum at the Plaza de la Almoina, let the Quart and Serrans Towers transport you back to the Middle Ages and be whisked away to the sumptuous days of the Spanish Baroque in the Palace of the Marqués de Dos Aguas. In contrast, the Mercat Centra is a stunning example of early modernist architecture. As you walk through one of the biggest markets in Europe, the scent of Spanish delicacies will whet your appetite for Valencia!

„Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias“

After finishing our trip back in time, we’ll take you to the Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias – the city of arts and sciences. This futuristic complex of buildings and a park is a modern symbol of the city and contains many noteworthy sights. At its heart is El Hemisférico. Shaped like a gigantic eye, this planetarium and cinema floats above a shallow pool of water. The view from the outside is truly surreal. Inside, you can have a fantastic glimpse of the universe.

Valencia and the sea

Nearby El Oceanográfico will plunge you into the oceans of our planet. The largest aquarium in Europe attracts visitors to see its colourful reef inhabitants, not to mention fish of the open ocean, sharks and dolphins. You can also expect to find astonishing beluga whales and adorable penguins. As the day comes to an end, spend a relaxing evening in the sculpture garden at L’Umbracle – in the summer, it’s also an open-air nightclub. Language study in Valencia is like taking a time machine from the traces of the Romans to the riches of the Baroque nobility and all the way up to modern and futuristic experiences.

Getting to Valencia

Your journey through time begins at Valencia (also known as Manises) Airport, eight kilometres west of the city. You can get into town from here in next to no time. It’s also possible to cap off a longer visit to Spain with a language stay in Valencia and arrive by train. Valencia has two central stations: Joaquín Sorolla and Norte. Architecturally, Estación del Norte combines modernity with tradition and regional charm with a cosmopolitan character. It’s the perfect starting point for your journey through the past, present and future.

Details about getting to Valencia >>>

Time to learn – Eurocentres Language School

Learn Spanish in Valencia

At the Eurocentres language school in Valencia, our profesores – language instructors – will teach you the Spanish you need to navigate the city and its history. In our comfortable classrooms and two libraries – one multimedia, one traditional – plenty of lessons in Spanish-language theory and practice await. You can decide between improving your general language skills or taking a course in Business Spanish.

The language school is located in Benimaclet. This is an affluent neighbourhood that offers the perfect place for living and studying in Valencia. Enjoy your lunch break in the green surroundings of the district’s rambling park. Try out your Spanish in some of the many small shops or along the major shopping arcade. If you find yourself falling in love with the ambience of Benimaclet, you can also spend a gap year at the Valencia Language School. Our profesores will help you learn Spanish on a long-term course.

Day trips from Valencia

You can get to the beach by public transport in just a few minutes. This is a place to take a short break from the lively dynamic between past and present – let the beauty of the ageless ocean rejuvenate you. Swimming, volleyball, sailing and diving all offer a welcome change from the classroom. If you’d like to see more of Spain, we’re happy to take you to Sevilla, Cádiz or Madrid. Historical and modern influences meet in the art, culture and architecture of these cities, too.

Siesta – accommodation and lodgings

Host families in Valencia

In Valencia, various homestay families will welcome you to your new life. Host families are carefully vetted by Eurocentres. They will provide you with a cosy room to study and sleep in, and will be happy to help you learn Spanish. In your day-to-day life, as you enjoy tapas together or take a trip to the beach, you’ll find that conversations with your host family develop naturally. You can put your newly acquired knowledge of Spanish into practice. Your language skills will improve while you get to know your homestay family.

Shared apartments

The Eurocentres apartments are scattered throughout Valencia’s various neighbourhoods, but none of them are very far away from the language school. Life in a shared apartment quickly brings you into contact with students from all around the world. You’ll apply your new Spanish skills, motivate each other to study and spend your free time together. As a group, you’ll discover the sights of the city, relax on the beach or dive into Valencia’s nightlife.

Details about accommodation in Valencia >>>

Time travel – Valencia Language School

Valencia is characterised by the interplay of past and future. The city’s appearance combines the remnants of ancient Rome with modern architecture. Eurocentres invites you to learn Spanish against this unique backdrop. Our instructors at the language school will teach you what you need to know on your language stay in this multi-faceted city. On your journey of discovery, you’ll find yourself in communicative situations where you can apply your knowledge. Improving your Spanish will come easily. Let’s go to Valencia!

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“The teachers are very friendly and teach with a lot of enthusiasm. The students are very nice and interesting. AIP organises a lot of activities and in this way we got to know the city and the people very well. My stay in Valencia was an unforgettable, overwhelming experience.”

School Services

  • 23 Classrooms
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Learning centre
  • Library
  • Student lounge
  • Vending machines
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Wifi
  • Air conditioning
  • Computer room


A typical day at AIP Language Institute Valencia

Ethan, from England, is soon starting a new job for which he requires Spanish language skills. In order to achieve this, he decided to come to Valencia for a language study stay. He lives with two friends in shared accommodation close to the school. He finds this situation ideal... In the evening, they cook together, chat, have fun – and swot up on their ‘vocabulario’. Ethan is also studying marketing in addition to his Spanish course. Variety is the spice of life!

Ethan booked his language stay in Valencia for the summer. This time of year is a peak period for the school and the many students from all over the world create a lively multicultural feeling. The staff at the AIP Language Institute always have a sympathetic ear for students’ worries and concerns. This helps create a familiar atmosphere – even when things sometimes get a little hectic. Ethan likes that the language school proposes cultural, musical or sporting events every day – some of which are even accompanied by a member of staff. Such activities offer the students the opportunity of becoming more closely acquainted with Valencia and its inhabitants.

Facts and Numbers


Bachiller 7
46010 Valencia
Map showing Valencia

Student Nationalities

Western Europe 50%
Eastern Europe 15%
Asia 25%
Latin America 2%
North America 8%

Age Mix

Ages 16-18 15%
Ages 19-24 40%
Ages 25-30 25%
Over 30 20%

Opening Hours

Mon-Fr: 08.30-21.00

School Holidays

15.08.2018, 09.10.2018, 12.10.2018, 01.11.2018, 06.12.2018, 24.12.2018 - 04.01.2019