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Glittering chandeliers illuminate ornate ballrooms; princes and noblemen ride in Baroque carriages through the snow to the Winter Palace; the tsar has summoned them to an audience. Even today, St. Petersburg sparks romantic thoughts of the Tsarist era. Accompany Eurocentres on a programme of language study abroad in the city of the tsars – learn Russian in a regal atmosphere!

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Beginner Start Dates St. Petersburg

13.08.2018, 27.08.2018, 10.09.2018, 24.09.2018, 08.10.2018, 05.11.2018, 03.12.2018

School Highlights   
  ✔ The school location allows you to explore the city easily
   ✔ New campus opened in 2015 with the latest technologies implemented
    ✔ Accredited by Eaquals
     ✔ Literature, music, business or exam preparation courses on demand.
  ✔ LTM Star Award Superstar (5 times winner since 2008, Category: World Language School)

St. Petersburg is the world’s northernmost city of over a million inhabitants. It’s also the chilly pearl of Russia. Known as the ‘Venice of the North’, the city sprawls across 40 islands in the delta of the Neva River, at the eastern mouth of the Gulf of Finland. Countless bridges and picturesque canals lead to what was once the residence of tsars and princes. In St. Petersburg, you’ll sense the past glory of the Russian Empire, get a glimpse of the throne room and waltz through the Romanov’s ballroom. Shall we dance?

Dreams of the Winter Palace – what to see and what to do

Sightseeing in St. Petersburg

Tsar Peter I ordered the construction of St. Petersburg in his own honour, making the city synonymous with tsarist rule in Russia. The legacy of the Grand Duchy’s power is still present in more than 2,000 palaces, edifices and castles. On the banks of the Neva, you’ll enter the Winter Palace – once the main residence of the tsars in St. Petersburg and a masterpiece of Russian Baroque architecture. Pillars, statues and countless gold ornaments adorn the sweeping corridors and majestic halls of the palace. This is where Catherine the Great began one of the greatest art collections in the world. The empress withdrew to the buildings known as the Hermitage, where she devoted time to the arts.

Today, the collection of more than three million objects occupies the entire Winter Palace and neighbouring buildings. On your language stay, stroll through the dreamlike Winter Palace and be captivated by works by Picasso, Rembrandt or Gauguin – and swept up in the glamour of long ago.

Getting to St. Petersburg

The easiest way to reach St. Petersburg is by air. Airports throughout Europe provide flights to Pulkovo International Airport. The airport is just 14 kilometres outside of the city. A train runs between the airport and the city centre. Of course, you can also plan to travel only by train. St. Petersburg features several stations with connections to many European countries including Germany. To get to the language school, take a bus or shared taxi. But if you want to experience how the tsars travelled, we recommend a romantic carriage ride through the snowy city centre.

Details about getting to St. Petersburg >>>

A majestic learning environment – Eurocentres Language School

Learn Russian in St. Petersburg

Centrally located in St. Petersburg’s historic district, Eurocentres’ partner school Liden & Denz will take you even closer to times gone by. The historic Summer Garden and one of the oldest opera and ballet houses in Russia – the Mikhailovsky Theatre – are right nearby. The language school itself is housed in a regal 19th century building, though it’s completely modernised on the inside. Using contemporary literature and vivid video and audio material, our language courses will teach you all the subtleties of the Russian language. Here, you’ll be learning Russian in an historical atmosphere.

Day trips from St. Petersburg

The splendour of the tsars extended beyond the city borders of St. Petersburg to the surrounding areas. Explore the Summer Palace of Catherine the Great in Pushkin. Along with ornate ballrooms and imperial halls, you can find a reconstruction of the legendary Amber Room. Its precious wall panels were lost after the palace was evacuated during World War II in 1945. You can also pay a visit to the Peterhof palace complex to the west of St. Petersburg. The balconies of the palace offer breathtaking views of the estate’s parks and fountains. Lush greenery and countless fountains make it easy to forget the hubbub of the big city; experience a regal summer holiday at ‘the Russian Versailles'.

Accommodation and lodgings

Host families in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, single-person households, families with children and retired couples alike will all welcome you into their homes. A language stay with a homestay family offers lots of opportunities to have natural conversations with native speakers and test your language skills. While eating dinner together or taking pleasant walks through the neighbourhood, you’ll learn more about your host family’s homeland and improve your Russian at the same time.

Shared apartments

In a shared apartment, you’ll be living in one apartment with other language students during your language stay. You’ll motivate each other to study, chat in Russian and make plans to spend your free time together. In the wintertime, you can enjoy a city that’s glittering with snow, taking refuge from the bitter cold if need be in a cosy café or restaurant. Summertime, on the other hand, is the perfect chance to take a boat cruise down the Neva. Eurocentres’ partner school offers two comfortable apartments in the city. One is right in the historic city centre, close to the language school. The other is located in a quieter area, away from the busy hustle and bustle of downtown.

Details about accommodation in St. Petersburg >>>

The legacy of the tsars – St. Petersburg Language School

Eurocentres will whisk you away to the fascinating world of the Russian tsars on your language study abroad in St. Petersburg. No other city in the country can transport you back to the heyday of the Russian princes and nobles than this ‘chilly pearl’. Famous rulers such as Catherine the Great left their mark here. During your language study abroad, discover extravagant palaces, history-steeped buildings and world-renowned artwork. Acquire a piece of the tsars’ legacy for yourself, experience the onetime wealth of the Russian monarchs and learn Russian in St. Petersburg!


“Every morning I am greeted by smiling faces. They are well-organized and very competent. They are also friendly, kind and supportive and always willing to help with whatever I need. I love my teacher. Her class is both structured and fun. I am excited by the progress I am making thanks to her engaging lessons and patient guidance. Another huge plus for me is the cultural and social activities that the school organizes. ”

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