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Language School New YorkRennert: Be part of it!

No other city in the USA has such global appeal as this one on the Hudson River, the city that is literally above the clouds, the city that is the undisputed global metropolis of the skyscraper culture, and the symbol of the American dream – The Big Apple, New York.

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When most people think of New York, they soon start hearing in their own heads the catchy Frank Sinatra tune, which pays homage to the glitzy metropolis on America’s east coast like no other. New York, New York – a city that offers so much diversity that only a song as legendary as this seems to do it justice, or a language study abroad with Eurocentres can. We will carry you off into the urban canyons of this overwhelming metropolis, show it at its most attractive and at the same time climb the heights of the English language with you. So start spreading the news!

Leaving today – What to see and how to get there

Sightseeing in New York

Set off into the city of superlatives! In New York there are more than just a few prominent and skyline-defining skyscrapers; with its ever-increasing number of more than 70 skyscrapers, on every corner you will find an architectural wonder that draws your eye upward. Whether it’s the One World Trade Centre, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building or the Rockefeller Center – many of the city’s well-known building gems are worthy of a visit in their own right. They also have lofty viewing platforms, with breath-taking views right across New York. Away from Manhattan’s glittering façades and streets that never sleep, however, there are also other neighbourhoods of the city worth exploring. Go, for example, over the world-famous Brooklyn Bridge into the borough of the same name, which is known for its exciting art scene and its numerous bars, restaurants and colourful shops. Anyone with even a little wanderlust will feel their heart skip a beat as they explore.

Getting to New York

Midtown, the Brooklyn Bridge and shopping tours are just the tip of the iceberg of New York, which has so much more to offer. For example, take the ferry and visit the most popular woman in the city: the Statue of Liberty. Or look at the impressive gift from the French from the air, namely on your descent into Newark Liberty International Airport, situated to the west of the statue. Together with John F. Kennedy Airport and the LaGuardia Airport, it is one of the most important hubs for your journey to New York. The subsequent journey to Grand Central Station will not only take you to another tourist attraction in the city but will set you down in the immediate vicinity of the Rennert Language School in New York.

Details about getting to New York >>>

Heart of it – Eurocentres language school

In keeping with the central location of the Eurocentres partner school in the heart of the Manhattan peninsula, the first-class range of courses will lead you to the heart of the English language. The Rennert International Language School in New York was founded in 1973 and is one of the leading English institutes. Small class sizes of a maximum of ten students ensure individual support from professional language teachers and hence a fast learning progress. The language school also inspires its students, who come from all over the world, with additional advantages that are extremely conducive to language learning: modern infrastructure with wifi, high-quality teaching materials and attractive special courses in addition to the standard range. Film production? Fashion? Photography? No heart’s desire remains unfulfilled when learning English in New York.

Language courses and the environment around them

New York City has more than eight million residents – and hence an almost unbelievable wealth of cultures and ways of interpreting the world too. With the range of language courses on offer at the Eurocentres partner school; we help you to develop yourself linguistically in this exciting melting pot. In this respect, the many activities the school comes up with for its students will also benefit you on your language study abroad in New York: Broadway shows, musicals, Times Square, world-famous museums, clubs and much more. Look forward to discovering and experiencing New York together with your class.

Wake up – Accommodation and lodging

Host families in New York

Get some peace in the city that never sleeps – you can do just that with the host families from the Eurocentres partner school. In the different neighbourhoods, away from the frenetic city, they offer enough peace and quiet for you to learn and relax in. But the main advantage is something else: the hosts, who are carefully selected and regularly checked by us, don’t just communicate in the language typical for the region; they also convey the unique culture and lifestyle of the Big Apple. We can cater to all preferences, from business couples from Manhattan, families with children from Queens, to old New Yorker retirees from Brooklyn. That lets you arrange your language study abroad to suit your individual needs and expand your language learning and broaden your cultural horizons.

Student hall of residence

In our student halls of residence directly at Central Park, you will quickly make contact with students from all over the world. Just like with our host families, an atmosphere rich in variety shapes the course of the day. Whether it is arranging to meet up in the evening, spontaneous daytrips to New York’s ‘green lung’ or learning groups that look at things in depth – here, there are new opportunities to get to know the city and the language from many different angles. Anyone who has ever lived in the middle of this vibrant metropolis would not ever want to miss out on this special experience. Use this opportunity to expand your vocabulary in the place where it came from, with your finger right on the pulse of the city.

Details about accommodation in New York >>>

Up to you – New York Language School

There’s no need to say more. New York is a city that speaks for itself – in every one-way street, in every yellow cab, on the stages of Broadway or on the roofs of the skyscrapers. This city has a zest for life and a new story to tell every single day. Eavesdrop on this assertive, urban city, whisper and join the conversation in perfect English. With a language stay with Eurocentres in New York you can do both. New York offers a language experience that you will never forget. Grab onto it – it’s up to you!

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“Rennert was that little thing that made my time in New York unforgettable and amazing! This school didn’t just help me improve my English, it also gave me the chance of making great friendships all over the world. The teachers at the school are really qualified and friendly. Rennert also gave me the chance to experience the beauty of New York City with their varied free time program. ”

School Services

  • 23 Classrooms
  • Air conditioning
  • Cafeteria
  • Computer room
  • Student lounge
  • Vending machines
  • Wifi


A typical day at Rennert New York

With her language stay in New York, a dream has become reality for Elisa. As a child, the enthusiastic dancer dreamed of New York, the city of her longings, of unlimited possibilities. And now she is here, in the middle of it, in Rennert International language school in Manhattan. Each morning when she wakes in her huge bed in her room in her host family’s house, she has to pinch herself to make sure that it is all not just a dream. She eats breakfast together with Douglas and Carol’s kids – cornflakes with milk and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Then it is off to the subway. The school is just four stations away and Elisa soon meets up with her classmates in the student lounge. 

Elisa finds it great that class sizes are limited to 10 students. She is also completely happy with her teachers – especially Nathalie, of whom she has grown fond. She is going to a dance theatre on Broadway with her this evening – Elisa can hardly wait and is counting the hours. She is very surprised at how many excursions the school has organised. She never thought that she would experience New York so closely – and already feels a little like a real New Yorker. 

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211 East 43th Street
New York, NY 10017
United States
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Student Nationalities

Europe 29%
Asia 40%
Latin America 17%
Various 14%

Age Mix

Ages 16-18 8%
Ages 19-24 35%
Ages 25-30 23%
Over 30 34%

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