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Language School LondonEurocentres: London Calling

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May we invite you, Lords and Ladies, to an adventure in one of the most historic cities on the planet. Visit the city of kings, of the Queen and English literature. Explore the streets where scientists made discoveries and became famous the world over. Experience this fantastic world where noble musicians and poets found their inspiration. Learn all about the capital and court of the English language and its culture on a language stay abroad with Eurocentres. After all, “London’s calling”, and we invite you to come and study English with us.

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London is a city of constant change, nothing stays the same. The city reflects what is happening throughout the whole world. This is why the world is at home in London and English is at home in the world. This is where our language lessons link in. Learn how to make yourself understood any time, anywhere. During your language study abroad, you will very quickly feel like a true Londoner. We can show you this lovely city as well as its residents and language because we know where to find its crown jewels, and not only those in the Tower of London.

A royal start – What to see and how to get there

Arriving in London means arriving in a kingdom of landmarks which offer so much more than what you see from the outside. Take the London Underground. Not only does it take you straight to all the magnificent buildings London has to offer, such as the imposing Tower of London, the British Museum in Bloomsbury or, of course, the huge London Eye, it also gives you the chance to travel on the oldest underground in the world. However what would this diverse metropolis be without its residents and its culture, which is a colourful potpourri of different ethnic groups and languages? They help you to understand the many different varieties of the English language spoken today. Therefore being in London and chatting with the people who live there as part of a language stay really helps to improve your English in a special way. Take advantage of this opportunity! Where better to learn English than in London – the stronghold of English culture?

View on London river Themse

Getting to London

The five London airports have good links to the city centre, thanks to its public transport system.  Even by train, it is easy and straightforward to get to London. The Eurostar travels through the Eurotunnel, the longest underground tunnel in the world, directly from Paris or Brussels to the capital of Great Britain. Get an easy and spectacular start to your language study abroad! Particularly beautiful is the terminus, St Pancras Station, taking you back to the golden age of the Victorian railway. It is nothing short of a real masterpiece of architecture, a place to come and marvel.

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Learn like kings – Eurocentres Language School

The language school in London offers its students a learning environment worthy of a king or queen. Here, our students learn in a beautiful building built in Georgian style. The equipment and technology used in its 17 classrooms and modern learning centre with computer room is state-of-the-art, enabling students to make excellent progress with their learning. Just step outside the door and you’ll find the opportunities for language practice are endless. The language school’s excellent location on Eccleston Square means you are right in the thick of the action. In just a few minutes, you can get to the central sights, the underground or one of the many wonderful theatres. These attractions successfully mix the English language with entertainment and promise success and a wonderful experience on both a linguistic and cultural level.

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Of course, we would like you to get as much as you possibly can out of your stay in London. We therefore combine our learning with exciting trips out into the city. Accompanied by the teaching staff and your fellow students, you get to experience London – close up and authentically. You also have the opportunity to learn and use your knowledge very near the language school in the local area called Pimlico, close to Victoria station. Opposite Eurocentres are the wonderful Eccleston Square Gardens, which you may visit and explore with your teacher and classmates.

London Bridge

Accommodation and lodging

Cosmopolitan, modern, diverse – as well as the ever-present royal sparkle, London is a city with more to offer than most. The same is true of our homestays, who we carefully select and check continuously. The bedrooms are clean and comfortable, and we also ensure that every student has access to a quiet place to study. A particular advantage with this sort of accommodation is that learning does not stop at the dinner table. You can chat around the clock with the family and experience British English.

More than eating and sleeping

Our shared apartments also provide plenty of space and peace and quiet to concentrate fully on learning. There is a well-equipped kitchen and the other rooms in the apartment are also modern and comfortably furnished. Invite your fellow students in, speak English and make friends who may stay friends long after your language study abroad together.

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Students taking a selfie in front of the London Eye

Dive in! –  Eurocentres Language School, London

We have been teaching English for 70 years. That experience has taught us what it is all about: excellent learning conditions in a motivating and exciting environment. A wide range of courses and an atmosphere that is authentic. It also includes experienced staff who are on hand to help and advise our students. Make learning an experience you will remember for a long time in a city that could not be better suited, a city with a rich history, mighty buildings and virtually unlimited cultural wealth. Answer the call of this city- “London’s calling.”

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    Language Course Start Date Weeks Lessons Price
    Course informationGeneral English Course
    Course informationBEC Vantage
    30 US$986
    Course informationFulltime IELTS
    Course informationCambridge Advanced (CAE)
    30 US$5,614
    30 US$493
    Course informationBusiness English
    25 US$449
    Course informationWork Experience
    25 US$1,827
    Course informationOpen Choice IELTS
    Course informationGap Year (Language Year)
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    Additional Information and Course Offers

    Please note that the UK schools are adult schools. Students aged 16 and 17 are very welcome and will be given extra support and care; and must follow our rules for under 18s. Please see here for more details.

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    School Services

    • 17 Classrooms
    • Computer room
    • Garden
    • Interactive whiteboards
    • Learning centre
    • Student lounge
    • Vending machines
    • Wifi



    A typical day at Eurocentres London

    During his two-week language stay in London, Dominik wakes every morning at 8 am. His host mother, a retired actress, is serving breakfast in the kitchen: cereals, toast, eggs and coffee. Dominik is training to be a computer scientist and is preparing for his First Certificate exam in England.
    Together with students from all over the world, the 19-year-old attends class every weekday from 9:15 am to 4:15 pm. The teachers are all very professional and fun, he says – their British humour keeps things lively even in his grammar lessons. At the 11 am break, he enjoys a delicious biscuit while taking on another task – talking. This is a subject Dominik especially likes, because he can interact in English with other students. After the break, the class moves on to the subject of listening with a short film and a question and answer session, which Dominik finds is also a cool and efficient way of teaching, using interesting topics and real media. After a nice lunch, he’s even able to tackle the subject of exam practice in the afternoon, before chilling with other students in the nearby park after school. Another amazing day at Eurocentres London!


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    56 Eccleston Square
    SW1V 1PH

    Student Nationalities

    Western Europe 32%
    Eastern Europe 3%
    Asia 36%
    Latin America 22%
    Various 7%

    Age Mix

    Ages 16-18 10%
    Ages 19-24 40%
    Ages 25-30 40%
    Over 30 10%

    Opening Hours

    Mon-Fr: 08:00 - 17:00

    School Holidays

    27.08.2018, 25.12.2018, 26.12.2018, 24.12.2018 - 31.12.2018, 01.01.2019, 19.04.2019, 22.04.2019, 06.05.2019, 27.05.2019, 26.08.2019, 23.12.2019 - 27.12.2019