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Japanese Language School in Japan


Attractive location between the mountains and the sea in the center of the western coast of Japan. A blend of cultural and historical sights and natural beauty. A city of business, education, and traditional as well as modern culture with friendly and helpful people. Kanazawa was one of the wealthiest castle towns in the feudal Japan during the Edo period, and its cultural heritage is still preserved today.

City Sights


Most famous Geisha district

Kanazawa Castle

One of Kanazawas finest sights

Kenroku-en Garden

The garden of six attributes

Nagamachi Samurai District

Home of the famous warriors

How to get there


  • Osaka Kansai Airport
  • Haneda Airport Tokyo
  • Narita Airport Tokyo
  • Komatsu Airport

Train Station

  • Kanazawa

Train Station

  • Kanazawa

Public transport info

10% discount on prepaid bus card

Time Zone
GTM +9
450 000
Costs of Living (approx.)
  • Bus ride: 200 JPY
  • Clubbing: 1000 JPY
  • Soft drink: 100 JPY
  • Coffee: 120 JPY
  • Dinner: 2000 JPY
  • Fast food: 400 JPY
  • Movie: 1700 JPY
  • Estimated pocket money / week: 25000 JPY