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Surfer’s Paradise! Perfect waves roll in daily onto the Gold Coast, which stretches for almost 60 kilometres, drawing in surfers from Australia and around the world. Since the city is a popular tourist destination in itself, there are countless leisure activities to do even out of the water. Experience the golden shores and the warm-hearted Australians for yourself with a language stay abroad in the Gold Coast! 

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Learn English amidst the picturesque waterways, parks and golf courses; vibrant nightclubs and magical sunsets; weekly markets of every description; lovingly-run restaurants; and busy cafés and bars. New adventures and thrilling inspiration will happen every day for you here in this coastal city on the south Pacific. Ride on the unique wave of recreational activities, subtropical climate and excellent language lessons!

Take the channel! – What to see and how to get there

Getting to the Gold Coast

Experienced surfers use water currents, the so-called channels which carry you quickly through the white water of the breaking waves and out into the open sea. Just as easily, a plane will take you comfortably and quickly to the Gold Coast. Brisbane International Airport lies about 100 kilometres to the north and is linked to the Gold Coast via the Airtrain. Alternatively, you can also fly to the regional airport of Coolangatta. From there, you can get to the city centre either by taxi or public transport.

Details about getting to Gold Coast >>>

Sightseeing in the Gold Coast

For inquisitive eyes and ears, the Gold Coast and its surrounding area have new wonders ready for you every day of the week. In the town itself, different weekly markets specialising in fashion, arts and crafts, music and food provide ways to spend your time, for free, in a foreign country. The many bars, restaurants and clubs make the nights here just as hot as the days on the beach, which is, of course, a whole tourist destination in itself. Some sections of the roughly 60-kilometre stretch of beach are better suited to families, others more suited to sports fans, and some others are there just to be seen. However, the Gold Coast has much more to offer besides the ocean. In the surrounding area is the breathtaking backdrop to the Lamington National Park – an absolute must for all nature fans.

Line-up – Eurocentres Language School

Learn English in the Gold Coast

The line-up: this is where surfers sit and wait for the perfect wave. This is where they swap information about wave strength, subsurface, wave intervals, high tide, low tide and anything else to do with the ins and outs of surfing. Position yourselves now in the line-up of learning the English language! Eurocentres partner school, Browns English Language School, has received many awards and, aside from qualified teaching staff and interesting lesson materials, it also has a computer room and bright, airy classrooms. Its superb central location means you can get to the beach in no time at all or simply make the most of the city’s many shopping opportunities. In the Gold Coast Language School you will learn the ins and outs of the English language in a flash!

A language stay abroad in the Gold Coast

There is a good reason why the language school is in the centre of the city. It means you are just a few steps away from hands-on experience with the English language. Get together with the other language students in the afternoons to drink coffee, buy surfing gear or explore this sunny town on the Pacific. A colourful mix of people live on the Gold Coast. Families, retired people, students and holidaymakers gather on the beach, in the waves, in shopping areas and in the smaller shops. Every one of them is a completely natural part of your language learning. Don’t be apprehensive: Australians are well-known for being warm-hearted and open. Dive into the daily life of a big Australian city and learn English!

Listen to the sea – Accommodation and lodging

Evenings spent lying in the a hammock with stars in the sky and the sound of the waves quietly washing onto the beach nearby is a surfer’s dream! The golden coast always has the perfect conditions for it. Just as dreamy are the comfortable bedrooms with our host families. With your host family you will always have access to a quiet place to study, too. Our host families are continually checked and are either families with children, retired couples or single households. But they all have a few things in common: they speak perfect English, have excellent knowledge of their home city, and are always happy to answer your questions! And who knows, they may even have a hammock!

Details about accommodation in the Gold Coast >>>

Secret spot – Gold Coast Language School

Our Eurocentres partner school offers you the same amazing, exclusive experience you feel when you find a secret surfing spot with the best waves. Here, you will find the best environment for successful learning. With a wide range language courses on offer, you can advance your level accordingly and enjoy a terrific language learning experience. Trips out, organised by the school, will not just take you into the water, but also into the surrounding area to see koalas and kangaroos. The English teachers at Browns Language School are insightful and, of course, professional in all aspects of the English language. So when it comes to learning English successfully, there really is nothing standing in your way!

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“I think learning languages is really important in life and going to another country to learn is, in my opinion, the best way of doing it. Living on the Gold Coast and studying at BROWNS is helping me learn much faster and without too much effort. It’s easy after school or during the weekend to practice what you learned at school and improve without noticing it! I chose the Gold Coast because of the great weather and the surf and I’m not disappointed! I have made many friends from all over the globe and with Australia being such a multi-cultural society I have learnt so much.”

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5/7 Marshall Ln,
1 Nerang St
Southport QLD 4215
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Student Nationalities

Europe 25%
Asia 45%
Latin America 17%
Middle East 10%
Various 3%

Age Mix

Ages 16-18 9%
Ages 19-24 61%
Ages 25-30 22%
Over 30 8%

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