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Language School BarcelonaEurocentres: Colourful, Artistic, Unique

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A language stay in Barcelona is about more than just learning Spanish. It is a dance with this hot-blooded town whose rhythm will show you what it means to “live” Spanish. Let yourself be led by Barcelona’s fire, let your heart set the rhythm and this wonderful city will become the pulsating dance floor for memories that live forever.

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Beginner Start Dates Barcelona

03.09.2018, 01.10.2018, 29.10.2018, 26.11.2018

School Highlights   
  ✔ Dynamic cosmopolitan city by the sea, full of life and varied culture.
   ✔ Close to many small shops, restaurants and bars.
    ✔ Accredited by Instituto Cervantes
✔ Free eLearning support up to three months after course ends

Understanding a foreign language in theory is the first step. The basic step. The Eurocentres language school in Barcelona is, in this respect, literally the ideal teacher. But for a language to sink in and for you to understand its essence, you have to get to know the people who have Spanish in their blood. Barcelona offers Spanish students vibrant, stimulating surroundings with new adventures waiting at every junction, in every café and on every beach, every day.

Opening – what to see and how to get there


Barcelona is a major city. Yet it still retains a particularly beautiful face. This can be seen not only from Barcelona’s local mountain Tibidabo but also from the mystical walls, towers and viewing platforms in Park Güell. It is one of the masterpieces created by the ingenious architect Antoni Gaudí. You certainly can’t miss his most famous work, the Sagrada Familia, one of the most impressive churches in the world. And that despite the fact that it has never actually been completed. No less imposing is Spain’s surrounding countryside: from the summit of Montserrat, you can experience a breath-taking view of the surrounding forest landscape. But the star of the evening is and remains the host itself: Barcelona with its cosy old town, heavenly beaches and modern architecture. You will be amazed, you will chat and you will simply enjoy the Spanish zest for life – right from the start.

How to get there: numerous paths to your language trip

Barcelona is holding out its hand and waiting for you to take it. Go for it. Follow the beat of this glittering city. Barcelona has three airports, all of which are connected to the city centre by shuttles, buses and trains. The Girona-Costa Brava airport is the furthest away, and the shuttle bus takes about 70 minutes to get to the town centre. If you arrive by car, then you will be guided in by three toll motorways on to the city’s ring road and finally into the city centre. Of course, you can also arrive by train, which will bring you straight into the main station Sants Estació. You can quickly get to the Eurocentres language school in the Vila de Gràcia quarter using the well-developed local transport system.

Details about getting to Barcelona >>>

An impressive choreography – Eurocentres language school

Let yourself be guided through the choreography of the Spanish language by our qualified and experienced teachers and master its graceful moves. Step by step. In twelve bright classrooms, you will learn how to get into conversation with Don and Doña. The cafeteria invites you in for a conversación with your fellow students. Try some traditional Spanish delicacies together, such as paella, tapas or gambas al ajillo, in the language school’s own kitchen. To ensure the art of language is in no way inferior to your cooking skills, we have a media centre, library, computer room and, of course, free Wi-Fi available for your own study. And when the afternoon sun kisses the ground, you can meet out on our terrace for a wonderful fiesta. From here, thanks to the numerous trips on offer, it then goes into full swing on the dance floor of the Spanish language: Barcelona.

Learn a Spanish to dance to

A language stay benefits tremendously, of course, from contact with the locals and from exploring the regional culture. The Eurocentres language school, located in the Vila de Gràcia, offers the ideal starting point. This traditional, family-friendly district is the heart of Barcelona. Here you will find small cafés, restaurants and an alluring nightlife bursting with energy. Grasp Barcelona by the outstretched hand and take the lead in this dynamic dance of language and Spanish zest for life.

Siesta – accommodation and lodgings

Life with the host family

If your feet get tired, it is time to recharge your batteries. The best place to do this is in informal, homely surroundings with city locals. At a language trip with Eurocentres, we offer you the opportunity to do this with host families that are carefully and constantly monitored by us. Experience day-in, day-out what it means to be a resident of Barcelona: Spanish culture from morning till night. Whether it be with a single person, a couple or a family with children – every language school student here gets a cosy and traditional home. A personal haven is always a given. This way, you can deepen your new-found language skills independently and in peace, and wake up in the morning with renewed energy to learn the language.

Student halls of residence: In the best company

Alternatively, we enable our students to stay in the sociable atmosphere of our student halls of residence. Not only do you have a modern room and everything you need for a comfortable life there, but you also have plenty of other students around to provide a motivating environment. The same goes for the accommodation in our shared apartments. Shared cooking, cosy evenings on the couch and, of course, strolls through Barcelona’s nightlife making friends.

Details about accommodation in Barcelona >>>

Rhythm and emotion – Barcelona Language School

Find out during a language stay in Barcelona how much emotion goes into every Spanish sentence. The Eurocentres language school offers you an excellent learning environment and supports you on your way to learning the Spanish language in all its facets, with the best teaching staff as well as the right teaching methods. In this respect, you cannot help but get a comprehensive insight into this city, full of wonders both large and small: exhilarating conversations in lively streets, fine food with a Mediterranean flair, fiestas on the Mediterranean and dazzling nights in which you fully devote yourself to your dance with this language, its seductive melody and its feisty rhythm. Let yourself be invited in by Barcelona – into the Paso Doble of the Spanish language school cities.

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“My stay at Eurocentres was very good. What I liked the most was that the teachers are always in a good mood and they make sure that there is always time for laughter in the classes, they dedicate a lot of time to make that possible. I was received with affection and attention, that is how I met most of my friends. I have really enjoyed my stay in Barcelona and a lot of that is thanks to Eurocentres.”

School Services

  • 12 Classrooms
  • Cafeteria
  • Computer room
  • Kitchen
  • Learning centre
  • Library
  • Student lounge
  • Vending machines
  • Wifi


A typical day at Eurocentres Barcelona

Loud laughter, cheerful chattering: That is what Andrei hears first when he walks in to the language school just after 9 am. He lives close by and has his own charming room in the home of his young host family. He travels on the metro to school, picking his breakfast up on the way at the bakery. With a summery 27° C outside, he is looking forward to the afternoon and meeting his friends at the city beach. But now he needs a coffee from the student lounge to wake him up – lessons begin in just a few minutes. 

During the week, Andrei attends school from 9.30 am until the early afternoon. He really enjoys the language tuition as it is taught in a very lively manner. The teachers recognise the needs of the young people – in the medium-sized school, all students are individually supervised. Andrei likes this familiarity. He can really concentrate on the learning material and is reaching his goal step by step. People from the region also attend courses at the school – so Andrei has quickly found local friends. He is particularly looking forward to next weekend. He is going with a few compagñeros to Figueras and Ampurias, where they will visit the Dalí museum and enjoy some time on the beach.

Facts and Numbers


Plaça Gal·la Placídia 22, Entlo. 1ª
8006 Barcelona
Map showing Barcelona

Student Nationalities

Western Europe 59%
Eastern Europe 12%
Asia 13%
Latin America 6%
North America 7%
Middle East 3%

Age Mix

Ages 16-18 2%
Ages 19-24 8%
Ages 25-30 65%
Over 30 25%

Opening Hours

Mon-Fr: 08.00 - 22.00, Cmt: 08.00 - 14.00

School Holidays

15.08.2018, 11.09.2018, 24.09.2018, 12.10.2018, 01.11.2018, 06.12.2018, 24.12.2018 - 04.01.2019