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기쁜 마음으로 당신에게 도움이 되어 드리겠습니다 - 지금 저희에게 연락하세요!

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질의사항은 연락 양식 폼에 기입해 보내주세요.

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전문가가 엄선한 세계 최고의 어학원을 만나 보세요. 전문가의 카운슬링은 물론, 교육 효과가 탁월한 코스에 동급 대비 최상의 가격까지 모두 보장합니다.

Eurocentres Scholarships – Become a Globetrotter

  • You want to discover the whole world – but unfortunately you do not have the financial means to do so?
  • You want to enhance your language skills – and you do not have a sponsor?
  • Or maybe you simply want to meet cheerful people abroad – and you do not know how you should go about that?

In that case, Eurocentres has got the right scholarship for you!

Eurocentres turns you into a globetrotter with different scholarships. Dive into the beauty of a new language, get to know cultures, and discover new cosmopolitan cities. We want to give young people the opportunity to make their wish come true and finally see the world.

Have a look at our scholarships that are valid for different countries and set forth on your journey to our language school in London, Paris, San Diego, or one of our other dreamlike destinations!

Very important: At Eurocentres you do not have to show us an above average degree! We are aiming to give everyone the chance to dare the first independent steps in foreign countries with a scholarship.

Scholarships at Eurocentres

Are you from Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Austria or Switzerland?
And are you currently a little purposeless in regards to your professional future or do you simply need a break from university or work? If that is the case, then apply for our scholarship for students for the Disoriented!
The application process as well as the choice of the winner have already been concluded.

특별 할인 이벤트
현재 진행 중인 특별 이벤트를 확인해 보세요! 다양한 할인 이벤트가 기다리고 있습니다!
뉴스레터를 구독하고 특별 할인 이벤트 및 새로운 랭귀지 스쿨 분교에 대한 정보를 받아보세요!