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질의사항은 연락 양식 폼에 기입해 보내주세요.

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56 Eccleston Square
SW1V 1PH London/UK

인증 기관:

퍼스의 영어 어학원Milner: The sunny way to learn English

유로센터 퍼스는 상업 중심구에 위치하며, 호주의 대표적인 호텔학교 중의 하나인, “ 호주호텔관광학교 (The Australian School of Tourism and Hotel Management)”와 같은 건물을 쓰고 있습니다. 학교는 2개의 컴퓨터 어학 실습실, Wi-Fi, 학생 휴게실과 넓은 강의실을 갖추고 있습니다.


어학원 서비스 & 인프라

  • 30 강의실
  • 카페테리아
  • 컴퓨터실
  • 정원
  • 부엌
  • 학습센터
  • 도서관
  • 학생 라운지
  • Wifi
  • 에어컨


A typical day at Milner Perth

That Jérôme is studying for the First Certificate in Perth is an accident. But a lucky one, as he says today. Originally, he wanted to go to Melbourne, but the starting date of the course didn't fit in with his work plans. As he definitely wanted to go to Australia, he then chose Perth. Of course, he read a lot about Perth beforehand and researched the city on the internet. But the reality wildly exceeds his expectations. Jérôme loves everything about Perth: the weather, his host family and yes – even the school. The atmosphere is relaxed, cordial and very motivating. Yesterday evening, Jérôme even did some extra homework sitting in his host family’s garden – voluntarily – and that really means something!

He is now sitting with his classmates in the green parkland surrounding the school discussing their plans for the weekend. The beach, of course, is a great attraction, but a picnic in Kings Park would also be great. They don't have to worry about the weather in Perth, the sun shines nearly eight hours a day all year round. They agree finally on the park, seal the decision with a ‘high-five’ and go back to their classes to continue polishing up their English.



379 Hay Street
Perth WA 6000


서유럽 25%
아시아 45%
라틴아메리카 25%
다양한 5%

연령대 비율

나이 16-18세 5%
나이 19-24세 65%
나이 25-30세 25%
30세 이상 5%

오픈 시간

월요일-금요일: 07.30 - 18.00

학교 휴교

25.09.2017, 24.12.2018 - 01.01.2019