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56 Eccleston Square
SW1V 1PH London/UK

인증 기관:

브리즈번 어학원Browns: 호주 동부에서 영어를 배워보세요

BROWNS 브리즈번 캠퍼스는 브리즈번 시 한 가운데에 위치하며 주위에는 상점, 박물관, 미술관, 교통 시설 등이 있고, 강을 휘감고 있는 사우스뱅크와 같은 주요 관광 명소가 몇 분 거리에 있습니다.

BROWNS은 브리즈번에서 영어 학습을 위한 최고 수준의 시설을 제공합니다. 첨단 기술, 안락함, 보안이 함께 어우러져 쾌적하게 지내실 수 있습니다.


“브라운 스쿨의 선생님들께서 저와 다른 학생들을 많이 도와주신 덕분에, 학생들 모두 언어 능력이 크게 향상되었습니다! 선생님들께서는 항상 끈기 있는 자세로 학생 한 사람 한 사람에게 최대한 유익한 조언을 제공하려고 노력하셨습니다.”

어학원 서비스 & 인프라

  • 37 강의실
  • Wifi
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  • 컴퓨터실
  • 부엌
  • 학습센터
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A typical day at Browns Brisbane

Jenny likes the sub-tropical climate in the summer. She chose the language school in Brisbane because she wants to prepare for the First examination. In order to be ready for the exam, she is relying on intensive preparation. She finds that the teachers at Browns work with this target in mind. She is learning something new every day and is amazed at how much progress she is making thanks to this targeted tuition. Jenny lives with the McDonalds – a typical Australian family with two children. She has been warmly welcomed and already feels almost like one of the family. Her room is clean and comfortable, and offers a quiet place for her to learn.

There are many tourists in the city – Brisbane is a real tourist magnet. This is not surprising as the city has so many interesting and beautiful places to visit. You don’t even have to pay to go into most of the museums. Jenny likes the local recreational areas, such as, for example, the Botanical Gardens, which are in the city centre. On the shores of the Brisbane river lies the Roma Street Park. When she is in the mood for shopping on a free day, she likes to go to the Queen Street Mall; this is the top shopping address in the city. And this is where Jenny and her friends from the language school become queens themselves: shopping queens!



102 Adelaide St
Brisbane City QLD 4000


유럽 19%
아시아 51%
라틴아메리카 18%
중동 8%
다양한 4%

연령대 비율

나이 16-18세 7%
나이 19-24세 59%
나이 25-30세 24%
30세 이상 10%

오픈 시간


학교 휴교

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Australien Sprachreisen: Bisbane ist nur eine der vielen Destinationen, die auf Sie für eine Sprachreise in Australien warten! Haben Sie schon herausgefunden, welchen Sprachkurs Sie besuchen möchten? Unzählige Sprachschulen warten!