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56 Eccleston Square
SW1V 1PH London/UK

日本語 金沢校Eurocentres:

5 / 5

学校は電車の駅やバス停からすぐの国際交流センターの中にあり、さまざまな歴史的観光地や公園、博物資料館、コンサートホール、スポーツ施設、お店やレストランも近く理想的なロケーションです。校内には5 つの教室やレクチャールーム、学生レジャーエリアがあり、Wi-Fi も利用できます。

私たちのコースに参加した人々の声 ― 私たちの語学学校の生徒たちが、それぞれ通っている学校について最も評価しているところを確認してみてください。 体験リポートへ!



    コース 開始日 レッスン 料金
    Course information異文化体験 プログラム
    25 US$609



    School Highlights   
      ✔ 海と山に囲まれた魅力あふれる 町
       ✔ 近代的な国際交流センター内と いう理想的なロケーション
        ✔ 日本文化への理解を高める様々 なアクティビティを実施.
         ✔ クラスの平均人数は4人



    “日本語初級者として、素晴らしい講 師陣と温かく親切なホストファミ
    リーによって、どれだけ早く新しい 言語の基礎習得ができるかに大変
    驚きました。金沢ではとにかく楽し い時間を過ごし、私にとって貴重な
    滞在となりました。できるだけすぐ にまた金沢に戻り、さらに日本語を

    スクールサービス & 設備

    • 5 教室
    • エアコンディショニング
    • 図書室
    • 学生ラウンジ
    • 自動販売機
    • 車椅子に対応
    • Wifi



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    by on Aug 14 2014 19:30

    I am Lucas Bernardino, from Brazil. I was in Eurocentres Kanazawa. Besides knowing an amazing city like Kanazawa, I had the opportunity to learn from an amazing team, with extremely nice people. I simply lived the experience of my dreams. Through the school activities I got the chance to know many places, tourist spots, "dive" in japanese culture, meet people and make friends. Everything that I did in this trip was unforgettable. Since I was little, I had a great curiosity by Japan, knowing the other side of the world. I had a huge expectation, wanted to know more about the "land of the rising sun", about the Japanese, on the millennial culture, the country of technologies. Even wanted to see how would be all days eat with chopsticks and live daily with such different letters. And with so many news was not disappointed with ANYTHING, just got more impressed and all I saw far surpassed my expectations! In addition to these new features, the house where I stayed, well chosen by the school according to my profile, it was unbelievable, I get along very well with a family that became really valuable friends! Only one more message: Japan, wait for me again! ____________________ Sou o Lucas Bernardino, do brasil. Estive na Eurocentres Kanazawa. Além de conhecer uma cidade incrível como Kanazawa, tive a oportunidade de aprender com uma equipe incrível, com pessoas extremamente atenciosas. Simplesmente vivi a experiência dos meus sonhos. Através das atividades da escola tive oportunidade de conhecer diversos lugares, pontos turísticos, “mergulhar” na cultura japonesa, conhecer pessoas e fazer amizades. Tudo que presenciei nesta viajem foi inesquecível. Desde pequeno tinha grande curiosidade pelo Japão, conhecer o outro lado do mundo. Tinha uma enorme expectativa, queria saber mais sobre a “terra do sol nascente”, sobre os japoneses, sobre a cultura milenar, sobre o país das tecnologias. Queria até mesmo ver como era comer diariamente com Hashis e conviver diariamente com letras tão diferentes. Com tantas novidades não me decepcionei com NADA, simplesmente fiquei mais impressionado e tudo que vi ultrapassou muito as minhas expectativas! Além de todas estas novidades, a casa onde me hospedei, muito bem escolhida pela escola de acordo com meu perfil, foi inacreditável, me dei muito bem com a família que realmente viraram valiosos amigos! Somente mais uma mensagem: Japão, me espere novamente!

    by on May 25 2014 01:30

    My experience at Eurocentres Kanazawa was very special and something I will always remember and appreciate. The instructors were dedicated and fully invested in making sure that I understood the material. Their lessons were challenging as well as fun. Yasuko-san, Eurocentre Kanazawa's school manager, is very welcoming and a great person to turn to should you need ANY kind of help, whether it's regarding your course of study or directions around the city. The afternoon cultural events were truly an insight into Japan's beautiful traditions and it's beautiful people. Most of all, I appreciate the kindness of my instructors and of Yasuko, I feel that not only did I learn some Japanese, I made some new friends! Andrew W. (Spring 2014)



    1-5-3 Honmachi


    西ヨーロッパ 46%
    東ヨーロッパ 10%
    アジア 6%
    南アメリカ 23%
    北アメリカ 15%


    年齢 16-18 31%
    年齢 19-24 26%
    年齢 25-30 10%
    30歳以上 33%


    月ー金: 08.30 - 17.00


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