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IELTS Test Center London Central

Our beautiful school in London Central is just a 5-minute walk from Victoria station and overlooks the private gardens of Ecceleston Square. The building was fully-refurbished in 2013 and represents a state-of-the art school and was designed especially to be a perfect environment to take an IELTS exam in London Central. Combining the ornate Georgian architecture of this listed building with a modern school aesthetic, this venue represents a premium location for an IELTS Test Centre in London Central.

The ‘IELTS Test London Central Experience’
Despite being located in the centre of London, our school in Victoria is a situation on the secluded Ecclestone Square. As such the ‘IELTS Test London Central Experience’ takes place in a relaxed environment, far removed from the hustle and bustle of London life. This helps our candidates cope with the demands of their test day which we know only too well can be extremely stressful. Our staff are professional, fully-trained and experienced, with extensive knowledge of what is required from an IELTS test. Altogether, we are convinced that your IELTS exam in London Central will be a positive experience for you.

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How to get there

Getting to Eurocentres London Central
The school is located in central London (zone 1) in a quiet residential area, within 5 minutes’ walk of bus and train stations.

Victoria Station
The easiest way to get to the school is via this major transport hub in central London. Tube and overland rail lines connect Victoria with all parts of London. The school is within 5 minutes’walk.

The bus station is behind Victoria train station, and offers a wide range of bus services to central, south and north London.


The newly-refurbished school offers a large Student Lounge and Cafe, free Wi-Fi, state-of-the art furniture and classrooms and an outside smoking area. IELTS exams are held in light, spacious rooms with good sound-proofing. There are a large number of cafes and restaurants in the area, conveniently located close to the school for your lunch-time break. Overall, the premises, location and facilities makes this a wonderful location for an IELTS exam in London Central.