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General Italian Skills

Let's face it: Italian is not the most widely spoken language and it does not have the same international prestige that French, German or Spanish have. So why learn Italian? To put it simply, many of our students choose to learn Italian because they are in love with the language and the culture. Motivation plays a crucial role in language acquisition, so if learning Italian has always been your dream, you don't need other reasons to go ahead and make the dream come true. But there are also practical benefits linked to being fluent in Italian. Being able to communicate in this language will come in especially handy if you are interested in getting a job in the travel and hospitality industry or in sectors like publishing and education. That's where our language centres and Italian courses come into play, as we offer a range of engaging Italian language and culture courses to suit all ability levels and learning styles. Let us know what you want to achieve and let's work together to help you get there.

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Learning a second language is one of the most effective ways of broadening your horizons. But if you really want to tap into your full potential as a language learner, you should consider studying Italian in Italy. So how does learning Italian in Florence sound? Join the thousands of students who have taken our in-country Italian courses and get ready to jump into an unforgettable travel and learning experience. We offer two types of Italian courses: General Language Skills and a Cultural Activity Programme. We highly recommend that you take part in both to make the most of your stay in Italy and to boost your language skills. Our teachers will encourage you to go out, practice what you have learnt in class, and polish your Italian skills by using the language on a daily basis. These courses cater to all ability levels, from absolute beginners to advanced learners. Our teaching staff are experts at keeping their lessons interesting, and you will always leave the classroom having learnt something new and useful no matter what your level is. Since we keep our class size small, our teachers are better equipped to give you personal attention and to make sure that what you are learning mak (sentence not finished)

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General Language Training
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