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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why choose Eurocentres for my next language stay?

Overwhelmed by the wide range of language schools available? Eurocentres has chosen its destinations and developed its schools with care and attention to give you a reliable high-level language study experience. For more than 6 decades we have been organising successful language courses. If you need more reasons: Why book with Eurocentres?

How long in advance do I have to book my course?

If you want to book just the course you should book a minimum of one week in advance. If you want to book a course and accommodation we recommend two weeks before the course starts. If you need a visa please be aware to plan more preparation time.

How long should I study for?

Please use our progress calculator to have a rough indication of how long you have to study. You can as well use our language test to check your current language level. This is not the entry test, which is given to you only after booking.

What is my.Eurocentres?

my.Eurocentres is your online campus which is open for you from the first moment of your booking. With your personal account you have access to language exercises, information about your school, leisure recommendations and you have the chance to chat with your classmates. Please have a look at our flyer for details.

Can Eurocentres arrange the airport transfer for me or will I be picked up by my host family? Do I have to book it at the beginning?

The transfer is usually not automatically included. However it can always be booked in addition. Please book at least 2 weeks before departure and do not forget to brief Eurocentres about your flight details.

Can Eurocentres organize international transportation; does Eurocentres have any agreements with any airline, to facilitate the research of flights?

Eurocentres does not have any special agreements with transportation companies and does not book flights/train tickets.

Do I need a visa? If so can Eurocentres arrange this for me?

Whether you need a visa depends on your nationality and your selected destination. The organization of the visa is your responsibility, Eurocentres can assist you, if there are questions. If you are not sure if you need a visa you can also find limited information on

Visa information United Kingdom
Visa information Ireland
Visa information Malta
Visa information South Africa
Visa information USA
Visa information Canada
Visa information Australia
Visa information France

Is there a minimum age? Am I too old for a language course?

The minimum age at Eurocentres is 16, for some schools 18. Please find the information about the minimum age for your chosen school on the relevant school-page.
On the other hand you are never too old for a language course.

Is there any minimum stay duration (course/accommodation)?

The minimum stay for both course and accommodation is usually 2 weeks. There are however accommodations with a minimum stay of more weeks. Also, special courses like exam prep courses do often have a given course length, which might be more than 2 weeks. If you wish to study for one week please contact us. Usually we can provide this course length in the majority of schools.

Is there a fixed arrival- / departure day? What happens, if I arrive/depart on another day?

Normally both (arrival- and departure day) is Saturday. There are some exceptions where the arrival day is Sunday and departure day is Saturday. If you would like to arrive on another day we gladly arrange everything for you (additional fees can occur). Please contact us or your Eurocentres representative directly.

Can I book only the course or only the accommodation?

It is possible to book a course without accommodation, the other way around is not possible. However if your exam takes place later than the course finish we are more than happy to allow you some extra nights in the accommodation. Please contact your Eurocentres representative.

Is there any special assistance on-site for my minor child?

No there is no special assistance for minors.

How can I pay for my course?

We offer both credit card payments (Visa and Mastercard) as well as bank transfer. We do not charge your credit card fees. Further information can be found in our terms and conditions clause 2.


Are there any courses for absolute beginners?

Yes we offer special courses for absolute beginners. You can find an indication of required course level in the course description. In our brochure the beginner start dates are mentioned. Usually we offer them at least once per month. If you are unsure about your level please visit our progress calculator.

Do I need to bring along anything for the course? What do I have to bring?

Please bring along some writing materials, and if you wish a laptop, tablet or other smart device. The course material is included in the price.

If I want to cancel the course after I have booked it, do I get a refund?

We are aware that cancelations can happen. In such cases please consult our terms and conditions clause 9.

Does every participant receive a certificate of attendance and course certificate at the end?

Every participant who has attended at least 80% will receive a certificate of attendance. At the end of the course every participant receives a course certificate except for Easy English courses.

Can I extend my stay when I am already there?

Usually it is possible to extend the stay assuming the class is not full and the accommodation is still available. The reception staff in the school or your local Eurocentres representative are more than happy to support you.

With whom do I have to talk, if I have any issues?

In every school there is a responsible client services person who tackles your issues. Nevertheless you can also call or contact us.

How long is my space on-site reserved?

Your place at school and accommodation is reserved only if you have received the definitive confirmation. A request is non-binding for both parties, if you just place a request nothing is reserved. Especially in summer terms, schools might be fully booked. We therefore advise you to secure your stay at your earliest convenience. By doing this, you can usually save money on flights.


How will I be placed in class? Is there an entry test?

Yes. Although you can take a test on arrival, we advise you to take the entry test before you arrive, so that you can go quickly to class. Every 4 weeks your level is assessed to ensure that we are meeting your defined goals and also to track your progress. In our online campus my.Eurocentres you will always see your current level and progress, and find exercises to further improve your language abilities.

Are there only going to be young people in my class? Where are my classmates from?

Please find the nationality mix and age mix on every school page as it varies in each school. These are based on annual averages, so there can be some seasonal variation.

Host family:

What is for Eurocentres important to accept a person/family as a homestay? Can I change the host family during my stay?

Every host family is carefully selected and the families are inspected on a frequent basis.
On payment of a change fee you can change your host family during your stay. Please contact the school and refer to our terms and conditions.

If I have allergies/special dietary restrictions, do you have suitable host families for me?

We have some families who are suitable for students with allergies. Whatever your special wishes might be, we always find a solution. Please contact us to find a suitable host.

How far away are the families / residences / apartments from the school? Do I have wi-fi at the accommodation?

Usually our accommodation choices are between 15-45min journey. Please find all information about accommodation on the school page under Accommodation as it varies at each destination.

London Accommodation


Will the leisure activities be organized?

Yes there are a number of organised activities at each school. Please find all information about leisure activities on the school page under Leisure or visit the local Facebook pages.
London Leisure

Can I book excursions in advance?

No, excursions are only bookable and payable on-site. The reception staff on-site is more than happy to support you with your requests and help you to implement them.

Are excursions guaranteed to take place?

No, the excursions are not guaranteed. The execution depends on supply and demand. Nevertheless you can always plan an excursion by yourself. If you need any assistance, the reception staff on-site is more than happy to support you.

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