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Success guarantee for Cambridge exams in England

Study for a Cambridge ESOL exam in England and come back with a diploma in your luggage - guaranteed!

You read that right, the beloved Cambridge exams can be passed at all Eurocentres destinations in England with success guaranteed. This is possible due to the Eurocentres success system, which is used at all Eurocentres language schools in England, which has been continually developed for the past 70 years. Whether you are just beginning with the First Certificate in English, already operate at the Cambridge Advanced level, or are practically at the native speaker level on the Proficiency exam: we can support you to achieve your goals. The only condition is that the following points must be observed:

When does the guarantee apply?

  • You attend an exam preparation course in one of our UK schools for minimum 8 weeks.
  • You have a minimum required level on your entry test.
  • You attend the course for at least 95% of classes.
  • You complete your my.Eurocentres personal study plan to the next level.
  • You take the exam within one week of your course end date.

What happens if you do not pass the exam?
Our EUROCENTRES SUCESS SYSTEM allows us to offer you this exam success guarantee. To prove that we are serious about this guarantee, we will offer you the choice of the following two options in the event of you failing your exam: You can repeat the same course at the same destination within the next 2 years for free (tuition only) or get access to your my.Eurocentres study plan for another 12 months.

Why Eurocentres?
  • Quality at the best price - with lowest price guarantee
  • Carefully chosen network of quality schools
  • Language schools with official accreditation
  • We speak your language: consultation with enthusiasm