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Discover a collection of high quality language schools around the world. Enjoy effective courses, expert counselling and superb rates, guaranteed.

my.Eurocentres - The Online Campus is calling

From the first moment of your booking, the gateway to your my.Eurocentres online language experience is open to you. In your personal account you will find language exercises and personalised study material, information about your school and leisure recommendations. myEurocentres also gives you the chance to chat with your classmates - just like on a real campus.


The my.Eurocentres campus offers a new, innovative style of language learning. The Eurocentres Foundation, which has been at the heart of foreign language training for over 60 years, relies on the concept of integrated learning. Traditional language instruction is combined with modern e-learning methods.

So what does this mean? my.Eurocentres offers more efficient language instruction, which is fun as well as focussed on personal strengths and weaknesses with no more dry grammar exercises like "My dog's name is Wuff". myEurocentres will open up new horizons. 

Personal Progress - Always Intelligible

Available shortly after booking

  • Flashpoint: Multimedia language exercises based on current online news
  • Language tests
  • Language lessons based on the results of the language tests

Available during your stay

  • Personal study plan with language learning goals
  • Assignments from your teacher
  • Weekly learning recommendations from your teacher
  • Progress indicators

Available after your stay

  • Access to personal study plan and study materials for one month
  • Access to the multimedia language exercises for as long as you wish


What would a language stay be without new acquaintances from all over the world, without exciting leisure activities, and without fun with your fellow students? According to Eurocentres, only half an experience, and therefore the following benefits are offered in the Online Campus:

  • Profiles of fellow students
  • School leisure activities with registration opportunities
  • Information on tours and other leisure activities


A trip abroad should naturally be well organized. For this reason there is plenty of valuable information about daily life and common questions/answers in the Online Campus.

  • 20-page information handbook for every language school.
  • Important contacts
  • Information about journey and arrival


Language test after setting up account


Personal learning plan

  Learning from current media texts

Language lessons

Test feedback

Personal learning profile


Activities at the schools

Helpful school information