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Language School VancouverEurocentres: Learn English Hollywood-style

In the heart of one of the most attractive metropolitan cities: The Eurocentres languages school is just a few minutes’ walk from the harbour. Learn English on Canada’s west coast with a language study stay in Vancouver – and enjoy ‘Hollywood North’. Vancouver is the third most important location for the North American film industry and is surrounded by a landscape that is worthy of a film itself. At the language school in Vancouver, the atmosphere is both relaxed and personal. Classes are small with just 10 to 14 students and the teachers have time to individually support everyone while discovering and correcting linguistic problems. Enchanting nature meets high tech: With a long-term course, you will be able to enjoy Vancouver’s beauty for even longer!

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Language school Vancouver: The climate in Vancouver is relatively mild for Canada. Three high mountains surround the city: Grouse Mountain, Mount Seymour and Mount Strachan dominate the horizon with their white-powdered peaks. Vancouver Island lies close to the mainland and protects the harbour from the wild Pacific Ocean. The Canadians are generally considered to be laid-back, polite, friendly and helpful – and they love their ice hockey! At the language school, you can train your English skills. Experienced teachers know just how to get the best out of their students. Whether in general language skills, business English or preparing for an exam – such as, for example, the IELTS test. Professional training will bring your English to its peak. Embark on a Canadian adventure of a lifetime in Vancouver!

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    Language Course Start Date Weeks Lessons Price
    Course informationGeneral English Course
    Course informationFulltime IELTS
    Course informationCambridge First (FCE)
    30 US$3,533
    Course informationCambridge Advanced (CAE)
    30 US$3,533
    25 US$676
    25 US$676
    Course informationBusiness English
    25 US$676
    Course informationGap Year (Language Year)
    School Highlights
    • School located in the heart of downtown Vancouver.
    • Surrounded by the ocean and mountains.
    • Official IELTS Test Center 
    • Accredited by Languages Canada, Imagine
    • School with Eurocentres Success System
    • eLearning programme my.Eurocentres before, during and after your stay
    Minimum age required: 16


    “One of the reason why I chose this school is that Eurocentres has many students from many various of nationalities. Second reason is that Eurocentres Vancouver is not too big. As these reasons I have many kinds of friends now. I can easily remember the awesome days not only studying in class but also on school activities after school of course. All the times with friends. I am almost to leave this memorable school, however I really want to stay longer. This school is that kind of school.”

    School Services

    • 21 Classrooms
    • Air conditioning
    • Computer room
    • Interactive whiteboards
    • Learning centre
    • Library
    • Student lounge
    • Vending machines
    • Wheelchair Accessible
    • Wifi


    A typical day at Eurocentres Vancouver

    Breakfast with the Summers: Chatter and laughter. The little ones are boisterous and full of mischief... a morning in the house of Emelie’s host family. Emelie is attending a long-term course. She is from France and would like to start an international study programme at a later date. She has planned to spend an extended time getting her English up to the required standard. She likes it very much here and is enjoying each day. She has quickly got used to the lively start to the day in her host family’s home. She already feels like one of the family there. She could also have chosen accommodation in a hotel or student hostel, but these options were too impersonal for her. With the family contact, she experiences the day-to-day life of a real Canadian family.

    Of course, the language school in Vancouver is fully equipped for modern teaching methods: interactive whiteboards, a media library and a computer room with free WLAN. Emelie particularly enjoys observing the incredible city skyline from the school’s roof terrace during her breaks... Other students prefer to play table football in the student lounge. Vancouver offers so much variety: Vancouver Island, winter sports in the nearby mountains, the beach, water sports, the harbour, the city with its attractive shopping options, Stanley Park – the third largest city park in North America – the Vancouver Aquarium... There is not much time to be homesick when there is so much to do in such a beautiful place.

    Facts and Numbers


    #250-815 West Hastings Street
    Vancouver, BC V6C 1B4

    Student Nationalities

    Western Europe 12%
    Eastern Europe 15%
    Asia 26%
    Latin America 33%
    Middle East 14%

    Age Mix

    Ages 16-18 2%
    Ages 19-24 71%
    Ages 25-30 14%
    Over 30 13%

    Opening Hours

    Mon-Fr: 08.00 - 17.00

    School Holidays

    07.08.2017, 04.09.2017, 22.09.2017, 09.10.2017, 13.11.2017, 08.12.2017, 25.12.2017, 26.12.2017, 01.01.2018, 12.02.2018, 19.02.2018, 30.03.2018, 02.04.2018, 21.05.2018, 15.06.2018, 02.07.2018, 06.08.2018, 03.09.2018, 21.09.2018, 08.10.2018, 12.11.2018, 24.12.2018, 25.12.2018, 26.12.2018, 31.12.2018

    Kanada Sprachreisen: Kanada können Sie mit Eurocentres auch in Toronto und in Lunenburg entdecken!Erfahren Sie jetzt, welchen Sprachkurs Sie absolvieren möchten, und planen Sie schon bald Ihre Sprachreise!