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Leisure activities in Toronto

Students are encouraged to enjoy to the full the innumerable sights, events and activities which Toronto offers its visitors. The school provides information on this, as well as places of interest. The aim is to encourage students to make discoveries, to immerse themselves in the environment and the culture. The school organises regular social activities, which help students to mix and make lasting friendships.

City Activities

Sport events CAD 20 - 50

American League Baseball, NBA Basketball, Ice Hockey games

Lake Ontario Cruise CAD 25 - 35
Theatre visit CAD 30-175

Lion King, Rock of Ages, Wicked, Billy Elliot.

Ontario Science Centre CAD 18
The Guvernment CAD 10

One of the best night clubs in town.

Day Excursions

Algonquin National Park CAD 110
Niagara Falls CAD 50

Longer Excursions

French Canada CAD 420

4 Day Tour: Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa

New York City CAD 430

4 day trip