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Language School Santa BarbaraEnglish Language Center: Live your Californian dream

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Have you ever heard of Santa Barbara? The Californian city is easier to overlook than many other ostentatious skylines of larger cities in the USA. But that is precisely why a language study abroad in this wonderful city is worth it. For Santa Barbara does not stand out because of large buildings; instead, it stands out because of its amazing atmosphere and exquisite quality of life, which has attracted many American stars to the Californian city.

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Charming, narrow stone steps lead to the dream-like Santa Barbara beaches. You are more likely to cross paths with a star from the American film or music industry here than in many of the other big cities across America. Due to its unique charm, Santa Barbara has become one of the most expensive places to live in the USA, aside from the Silicon Valley. Away from the celebrities, there are also numerous students and families in this coastal city who breathe life into the promenades, bars and restaurants. In short: Santa Barbara is one of the most beautiful settings for a successful language study abroad!

Natural beauty – What to see and how to get there

Sightseeing in Santa Barbara

After the earthquake in 1925, the city planners decided to rebuild Santa Barbara in a Spanish style. For this reason, no building in the coastal city is permitted to be higher than two storeys high. The best place to view the city is therefore from the court house in the centre of the city. From the viewing platform 30 metres up, you can see a very special side to Santa Barbara, which is defined by the many red clay brick roofs, numerous palm trees and the coastline. But, Santa Barbara is more than just beautiful to look at. One of the branches of the University of California, UC Santa Barbara, attracts a lot of students to the city, which impacts the culture, art and diversity of the city. Santa Barbara doesn’t need any make-up to make it shine – the city is beautiful in a really natural way.

Getting to Santa Barbara

The easiest way to get to Santa Barbara is by plane. For this, you have two options available: the regional airport of Santa Barbara is only a fifteen-minute journey west of the city. Most travellers, however, prefer the second option and fly into Los Angeles International Airport, LAX. From here, you can take the Santa Barbara Airbus. The transfer costs about 40 US dollars.

Details about getting to Santa Barbara >>>

An elegant outfit – the language school

Learn English in California

The English Language Center in Santa Barbara offers you the ideal environment to improve your English language skills. The reputable language school is in the centre of the city. Nearby, there are parks, a shopping centre and numerous restaurants. Language students can choose from a comprehensive selection of English language courses: in addition to general English, there are courses for examination preparation or business English. You can also take language courses in Santa Barbara that integrate other activities, such as dance, surfing or photography, into the lessons. All language teachers at the ELC have a university degree and work at a very high standards. For our students, that means interesting and motivating lesson materials, caring contact partners and full professional expertise in the English language.

Santa Barbara: A language stay under palm trees

If you picture your language study abroad to Santa Barbara, you will quickly realise why so many language students travel to this coastal city year after year. Palm trees, sandy beaches and a modest, refreshing architecture contribute to the Mediterranean atmosphere. The people of the city are wonderfully diverse. There is a constant coming and going of celebrities, families with children and students in the restaurants and boutiques, contributing to a relaxed and, at the same time, dynamic atmosphere that is highly beneficial to your language learning. Every day, you will get dozens of opportunities to try out and reinforce your English knowledge. Santa Barbara welcomes you with open arms and its very own distinctive charm.

Natural make-up – Accommodation and lodgings

Host families and student hall of residence in Santa Barbara

Beauty sleep really exists! According to scientists, if you sleep well, it helps to regenerate your skin. In Santa Barbara, you have several options to relax in appealing surroundings. Firstly, we have our host families who always offer a quiet place to study as well as a comfortable bedroom. Whether it’s with a single household, family with children or retired couple, they will always be happy to help with questions about the culture, places and, of course, the English language. It works like that in our student halls of residence, too. In addition to social cooking evenings, you can always join in with conversations, trips out into the city and Santa Barbara’s nightlife.

Accommodation in an apartment

In the La Brezza apartments, not far from Santa Barbara City College, we provide comfortable and newly-renovated rooms. There are restaurants and shops close by as well. The apartments are in the student quarter and are ideal as a starting point for all sorts of activities with your fellow students. The shared pool in the inner courtyard is perfect for relaxation or your morning swim.

Details about the accommodation in Santa Barbara >>>

The golden ratio – Santa Barbara Language School

Whether in music, architecture, art or nature, the golden ratio is considered an ideal proportion. The ELC Language School in Santa Barbara offers you a wonderfully balanced ratio between language learning and leisure entertainment. In addition to the wide choice of language courses and daytrips, you have enough time to explore the city and make new friends. Our language study abroad leads you to the picture-perfect beaches and into the busy, lively streets, cafés and restaurants. It is an ideal environment for falling in love with a city – and the English language. Come to Santa Barbara and discover the natural beauty of California!

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“I like everything at ELC Santa Barbara, when I am here I don't want to be anywhere else.”

School Services

  • 13 Classrooms
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  • Computer room
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Facts and Numbers


1100 Santa Barbara Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
United States
Map showing Santa Barbara

Student Nationalities

Western Europe 34%
Eastern Europe 6%
Asia 9%
Latin America 11%
Middle East 39%
Various 1%

Age Mix

Ages 16-18 10%
Ages 19-24 75%
Ages 25-30 10%
Over 30 5%

Opening Hours

08.30-16:30 Monday to Friday

School Holidays

03.09.2018, 08.10.2018, 22.11.2018, 23.11.2018, 24.12.2018, 25.12.2018