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Language School PerthMilner: The sunny way to learn English

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The indigenous Australian people from the south-west coast of Australia, the Noongar, describe their territory as Alunga. Roughly translated, it means the “place with a lot of sun”. But this translation does not do this metropolis justice, since Perth is also so full of energy. Culture, education, business and tradition collide to form a complex melting pot – the ideal basis for a language stay in Australia. A language study abroad in Perth means you will have new and motivating stimuli for your language learning every single day. And, of course, more sunny days than in any other Australian city!

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You will certainly never get bored during your language study abroad in Perth, the cultural centre of Australia’s west coast. In addition to the Concert Hall, there are some outstanding art and natural history museums in the Perth Cultural Centre in the cultural district. In the spring, the University of Western Australia also hosts the Perth International Arts Festival where there is something to discover all over the city, in the parks and the “hidden corners” exhibitions.

Perth is also an ideal place for water sports fans – a paradise for windsurfing, divers and sailors. On your language study abroad, not only does each day bring new stimuli and impetus for learning the English language, but you will also find time and space for relaxation.

Gabbi Darbal – What to see and how to get there

Getting to Perth

To get to the city at Gabbi Darbal, the mouth of the local river, you have several options. Perth is one of the main transport hubs in Australia. From Europe, of course, the best way to get to Western Australia is by plane. Perth International Airport is around twelve kilometres north-east of the city centre. You can get there very easily using the shuttle or public transport. If you are already in Australia before you embark on your language stay, you can also take the Indian Pacific Express, which travels right across Australia.

Details about getting to Perth >>>

Sightseeing in Perth

Discover Perth! A language study abroad in this Australian city combines learning English with varied leisure activities, whether it be water sports, discovery tours in the surrounding area, or the numerous, extensive parks in the city. An example of this is the “soul of the city”, the 400-hectare Kings Park. It is just half an hour from the language school and perfect if you want to go for a walk with friends and fellow students. The enchanting waterside promenades by the Swan River are also a popular destination for a daytrip. In the summer (our winter), excursions out on the Indian Ocean are a an almost obligatory part of the programme. Winds and waves attract windsurfers, sailors and surfers. But even in other seasons of the year, Perth is well worth seeing. For Example, the wine region, Swan Valley, is a must-see and a must-taste for anyone who enjoys fine grape varieties.

Kwop Wirrin – the language school

Learn English in Perth

The Noongar describe good spirits as “Kwop Wirrin”. Every course offered by our Eurocentres partner school will win you over straight away. From the wide-ranging course programme, you can choose between general language skills, business English or various certificates, such as IELTS, or Cambridge First through Proficiency. Our English teachers at the Milner Language School are highly qualified and will skilfully guide you on your way to improving your language level. Free use of the fitness centre, numerous daytrips organised by the language school, welcoming common rooms, a cafeteria and terrace ensure balance, relaxation and supportive exchanges between fellow students.

Language study abroad in Perth

The warm-heartedness of the Australians: language students repeatedly speak of this when they talk about their experiences in Perth. This characteristic will, of course, play a major role on daytrips, visits to restaurants or afternoons together in the cafés, the city’s green parks and the beaches. The many multi-faceted and open residents of Perth are a great advantage for to anyone learning English; you can integrate the English language into your everyday life in the quickest and most effective way with native speakers. Perth offers you more than just Alunga, a place with a lot of sun.

Koboorlkorl – Accommodation and lodgings

Host families in Perth

A particularly beautiful word of the Noongar is “Koboorlkorl”. It has two meanings, which are not mutually exclusive. It means content – and satisfied or full. To achieve this desirable state of mind, our host families will provide you with a comfortable bedroom and access to a quiet place to study. Moreover, your contact partner, who can help you with any questions you may have about the culture, places and language, is literally just a few steps away. Whether it’s a family with children, single households or retired couples, they will always be ready with a sympathetic ear – and fine Australian specialities.

Accommodation in an apartment, student hall of residence or in shared apartments

Living in our shared apartments and student halls of residence is characterised by shared cooking in the evenings as well as trips into the city and the exciting nightlife of Perth. You also benefit from a motivating dynamism that develops naturally. The exchange between our students is not just extremely beneficial to you; it will also generate some insider tips for your leisure activities.
Accommodation in apartments also has a number of advantages. The Milner Apartments are in the same building as the language school. Hence, you will live in a central location and can use your apartment as a starting point for numerous activities in the city. The apartments are very well-equipped, comfortably-furnished and offer an ideal place to relax and recuperate.

Details about accommodation in Perth >>>

Wangkininy – Perth Language School

“Wangkininy” translated means language and speaking. This is what Eurocentres is all about. In our first-class partner school you will be provided with an excellent environment for the theoretical aspect of your learning. The competent language teachers at the Milner Language School will support and guide you through your language learning. A computer room, media room and library also complement the lessons and provide an opportunity for self-study. In Perth you are right on the money for the second meaning of Wangkininy – speaking. Where better to learn English than in this Australian cultural metropolis?

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A typical day at Milner Perth

That Jérôme is studying for the First Certificate in Perth is an accident. But a lucky one, as he says today. Originally, he wanted to go to Melbourne, but the starting date of the course didn't fit in with his work plans. As he definitely wanted to go to Australia, he then chose Perth. Of course, he read a lot about Perth beforehand and researched the city on the internet. But the reality wildly exceeds his expectations. Jérôme loves everything about Perth: the weather, his host family and yes – even the school. The atmosphere is relaxed, cordial and very motivating. Yesterday evening, Jérôme even did some extra homework sitting in his host family’s garden – voluntarily – and that really means something!

He is now sitting with his classmates in the green parkland surrounding the school discussing their plans for the weekend. The beach, of course, is a great attraction, but a picnic in Kings Park would also be great. They don't have to worry about the weather in Perth, the sun shines nearly eight hours a day all year round. They agree finally on the park, seal the decision with a ‘high-five’ and go back to their classes to continue polishing up their English.

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379 Hay Street
Perth WA 6000

Student Nationalities

Western Europe 25%
Asia 45%
Latin America 25%
Various 5%

Age Mix

Ages 16-18 5%
Ages 19-24 65%
Ages 25-30 25%
Over 30 5%

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