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Russian Language School in Russia


Moscow is the New York of Russia, the city that never sleeps but where old Russia is still evident. The many churches with their onion-shaped towers, old buildings and palaces and, of course, Red Square and the Kremlin, give the city centre a unique character. Moscow is both familiar and exotic—fascinating every visitor with its charm.

City Sights

Alexandrovsky Garden

The first public park in Moscow

Red Square and Kremlin

Moscow's heart: symbolically, historically and strategically

Saint Basil's Cathedral

The most recognizable symbol of Russia

State Tretyakov Gallery

All the great Russian artists

How to get there


  • Scheremetjewo
  • Domodedovo

Train Station

  • Leningrad Station
  • Belarus Station
  • Kiev Station
  • Kursk Station

Metro / Subway

  • Belorusskaya
Time Zone
GMT +3
11 000 000
Costs of Living (approx.)
  • Bus ride: 0.7 EUR
  • Clubbing: 15 EUR
  • Soft drink: 1 EUR
  • Coffee: 2 EUR
  • Dinner: 20 EUR
  • Fast food: 7 EUR
  • Movie: 7 EUR
  • Estimated pocket money / week: 200 EUR