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Language school LunenburgEurocentres Atlantic Canada: English by the Atlantic

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Picturesque wooden houses border the coastline, old villas adorn the city centre, and historic sailing ships lie moored up in the harbour: the Canadian harbour town of Lunenburg could, without doubt, be out of an 18th century painting. Let yourself be carried back to the heyday of Canadian sea travel on a language study abroad to Lunenburg, while at the same time improving your knowledge of English. Full speed ahead!

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Lunenburg lies on the edge of the Atlantic, on the south coast of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. For centuries, life here has been shaped by fishing and sea travel. You might even think time has simply stood still. Many of the houses, mostly built of wood, have been part of the townscape since the 18th century. The numerous sailing ships and boats in the harbour are also reminiscent of times gone by. The residents of the harbour town speak English as their mother tongue and are almost completely monolingual. The quiet atmosphere and the English language environment are ideal conditions for a language study abroad. Come on board and breathe some fresh air into your English knowledge with the salty sea breeze!

Set sail – What to see and how to get there

Sightseeing in Lunenburg

The whole of Lunenburg is a sight to see in itself, which is why the town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. In addition to a walk through the heart of the town past colourful wooden buildings and imposing shipping villas, the harbour is well worth a visit. The town’s typical red wooden houses stand along the pier and lead to the maritime museum. You can find out more about the maritime tradition of Lunenburg in the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic. From the harbour you can see the HMCS Rose. This sailing ship was built in the shipbuilding yard in Lunenburg and is the largest wooden ship still in operation in the world.
The Bluenose II is also anchored in its home port in Lunenburg. The schooner is a replica of the famous Canadian tall ship Bluenose. The Bluenose sailed in the 1930s on the Atlantic and became the symbol of the region and the whole of Canada. Today, its image adorns the Canadian 10-cent piece and is the motor vehicle emblem of Nova Scotia. There is no better place to get to know Canada’s maritime side than Lunenburg.

Getting to Lunenburg

The best way to get to Lunenburg is by plane, flying to Halifax Stanfield International Airport. Then simply take a taxi or be picked up by staff from the Eurocentres Language School, as the airport is about sixty miles away from Lunenburg. Once you have arrived in the town, you won’t need any more transport. The language school, your accommodation and all the key shops, cafés and restaurants are easy to get to on foot – look forward to the charm of this small Canadian town.

Details about getting to Lunenburg >>>

The wind in your sails – Eurocentres Language School

Learn English in Lunenburg

The Atlantic Canada Eurocentres Language School is in the centre of Lunenburg. Here, the modern facilities of the school contrast with the historical houses. Learn English while looking out over the port and the port promenade: improve your general language skills, take a course in business English or prepare for the IELTS. The language certificate opens doors to English-speaking degree courses and international jobs.
You also can participate in a cultural language programme in Lunenburg. This way, you can immerse yourself completely in the Canadian culture: visit exhibitions, read Canada’s literary works, and find out more about the history of the country. Where else could you get a better cultural programme than in richly traditional Lunenburg?

Day trips from Lunenburg

If you fancy exploring foreign shores, Eurocentres offers you lots of possibilities for day trips. From the port in Lunenburg, step onto a boat and head out to sea to watch whales. The impressive animals pass by the Canadian coast on their journey through the Atlantic. You can also take kayaking and canoe tours or do some “mud sliding”. This involves sliding and skidding over the muddy riverbanks and shorelines of Canada. With old clothes, or swimming costumes in the summer, it is great fun! If you crave the occasional big-city feeling, we recommend a visit to Halifax. The capital of Nova Scotia is home to forty percent of the province’s population and offers a variety of entertainment possibilities, such as theatre and concerts.

In the home port – Accommodation and lodging

Student hall of residence

In the student hall of residence, you are very close to the language school in the centre of Lunenburg, and so just a few minutes walk away from trendy shops and cosy pubs and cafés. You can chat with your fellow students, make plans for your leisure activities and strike up a sea shanty or two. The hall of residence itself offers clean, bright rooms and modern furnishings. The pleasant atmosphere makes English learning really easy.

Host families in Lunenburg

With the host families selected by Eurocentres, you will live just a twenty-minute walk away from the language school at most. Living with a host family is the best way to get to know life in Canada because you take an active part in the everyday life of the family members and can easily chat when doing activities together. You can put your new-found English knowledge into practice whilst finding out more about Lunenburg and its residents. Who knows, perhaps a forefather of your host family once sailed on board the famous Bluenose along the Canadian coast?

Details about accommodation in Lunenburg >>>

Eurocentres ahoy – Eurocentres Language School, Lunenburg

Lunenburg is one of the most beautiful places in Canada and reflects a part of the North American country’s history. Fishing, shipbuilding and sea travel brought the town to prominence and economic success. Life in Lunenburg continues to be shaped by these things even today. Learn English at the Eurocentres Language School against the idyllic backdrop of colourful wooden houses and historic sailing ships. Our range of different language courses is tailored to your individual needs, and our language teachers are always on hand to help you with your learning. We are your crew on your journey to language success!

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    Language Course Start Date Weeks Lessons Price
    Course informationGeneral English Course
    Course informationEnglish for beginners
    Course informationBusiness English
    25 US$248
    Course informationCultural Activity Programme
    25 US$248
    Course informationGap Year (Language Year)
    20 US$2,364
    Beginner Start Dates Lunenburg

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    School Highlights
    • Best way to get to know the real Canada
    • Lunenburg is a UNESCO Wolrd Heritage Site
    • School is located directly by the ocean
    • Plenty of leisure activites in nature
    • Safe and bright area
    • eLearning programme my.Eurocentres before, during and after your stay

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    School Services

    • 6 Classrooms
    • Air conditioning
    • Computer room
    • Kitchen
    • Learning centre
    • Library
    • Student lounge
    • Terrace
    • Wheelchair Accessible
    • Wifi


    Facts and Numbers


    Language School Atlantic Canada
    18 King St
    Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0
    Map showing Lunenburg

    Student Nationalities

    Western Europe 10%
    Eastern Europe 5%
    Asia 55%
    Latin America 20%
    Middle East 10%

    Age Mix

    Ages 16-18 22%
    Ages 19-24 40%
    Ages 25-30 20%
    Over 30 18%

    Opening Hours

    Mon - Thu: 8:30 - 5:00; Fri: 8:30 - 1:00

    School Holidays

    06.08.2018, 03.09.2018, 08.10.2018, 12.11.2018, 24.12.2018 - 04.01.2019, 18.02.2019, 19.04.2019, 20.05.2019, 01.07.2019, 05.08.2019, 02.09.2019, 14.10.2019, 11.11.2019, 23.12.2019 - 03.01.2020

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