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Language study stays USA

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the planet. This glitzy metropolis is the unofficial capital of California and it attracts thousands visitors from all over the world. LA is known as 'The City of Angels' for a good reason: if angels came down to Earth, they would probably choose to live in Los Angeles. The city is blessed with excellent weather all year round so that you can practise your favourite outdoor activities, socialise, and use your newly acquired language skills. LA has a vibrant shopping and entertainment scene as well as beaches and natural attractions. 

Time Zone
10 100 000
Costs of Living
  • Bus ride: 1.75 USD
  • Clubbing: 20 USD
  • Soft drink: 3 USD
  • Coffee: 3 USD
  • Dinner: 40 USD
  • Fast food: 15 USD
  • Movie: 13 USD
  • Pocket money: 250 USD

City Sights

Grammy Museum

Devoted to music and the history of the award

The Original Farmers Market

Food stalls, restaurants and shops

Universal Studios

Theme park located in Movie Studio

How to get there

The best way to get to Los Angeles is by air:


Students may, alternatively to the airport transfer arranged by ELC, take a taxi from one of the taxi stands located at LAX. Fees and trip length depend on destination. ELC's main school is about 30 minutes from LAX.

Train Station

Los Angeles Union Station

ELC Los Angeles is located in an area that is well-serviced by many bus and metro lines that travel to various points throughout the surrounding area.

Travel to school

The best way to get to school will depend on the student's particular place of residence, but nearby busses include line 20, 6 ,8 and 12.

Public transport info

1 bus ride: USD 1.75
1 month: USD 100