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Language School Los AngelesEnglish Language Center: On the glamorous side of of life

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The City of Angels – or LA for short – is one of the USA’s most important cities, both economically and culturally. But each area of the city is so different; it’s like arriving somewhere new each time. But, there is something that never changes about LA. Los Angeles has always been a marvellous setting and an inspiration to artists and film-makers alike. L.A.: famous for its colourful vibrancy – and its language stays.

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A language stay in Los Angeles offers a huge variety of experiences in both language and culture. Because as well as film greats like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, the city has become home to immigrants from all over the world which makes it a truly multi-cultural city.

Walk of Fame – How to get there and what to see

Getting to Los Angeles

Los Angeles can be easily reached by plane. The Los Angeles International Airport, LAX, is around 24 km from the city centre. The transfer into the city centre is no problem, as there are free shuttle busses to take you to stations on the public transport network. And if you want a no-hassle transfer directly from the airport into the centre, there are relatively cheap mini-busses that will take you there. The city itself has plenty of bus services and an underground system.

Sightseeing in L.A.

The iconic, world-renowned Hollywood sign on Mount Lee is not so easy to reach by public transport, but a short walk to the Hollywood & Highland Center Mall will give you a great view of it. Hiking is a popular past-time for Californians, and you can you can really experience the city from a totally different perspective with the chance of seeing some wild animals within the city limits.

Los Angeles’ many local centres offer countless bars, restaurants and plenty of opportunities for shopping, so your free time won’t be wasted. But whatever you do, don’t miss the Museum of Contemporary Art. Its permanent display is impressive and it is host to a series of provocative and ground-breaking temporary exhibitions.

Details about getting to Los Angeles >>>

Action: the language school

For language stays, it’s high season all year round in Los Angeles. Out on the street and in the bars of this city, you’ll find a truly multicultural mix of US citizens with a huge range of different accents and lifestyles. It is a true melting pot that will help you learn and motivate you to keep up with your studies. Sitting down together, for example, to have breakfast in Grand Central Market will give you an excellent chance to swap experiences with other students and talk about what you’ve learnt and what you’ve seen – and get a few more insider tips about LA. Last but not least is the teaching staff at Eurocentres’ partner school ELC. Our teachers will be there for you every step of the way with the experience and empathy to answer questions about the language or the culture of Los Angeles and California.

In the ELC language school, we provide all the right conditions for you to settle into your studies quickly and maintain a good rate of progress. Our up-to-date learning environment has open, light-filled classrooms, a computer room and a media centre. These will help you in your lessons and in your independent learning too. The cafeteria, lounge and terrace are there not just to put our students in a good mood, but they also provide somewhere for discussions and new friendships to form. Come and discover Los Angeles, its inhabitants and a fantastic language!

An unrivalled setting – Accommodation and lodgings

Host families

Los Angeles’ residential areas are typically filled with homes of very similar construction: a large house, two garages and a pool. We can’t guarantee a pool, but each host family will undoubtedly provide a comfortable, clean bedroom and a quiet place to study. And the best thing is that for most of your language stay, you will have someone to answer your questions who speaks perfect English and is well versed in all those cultural questions too.


Alternatively you can stay in a hotel for the length of your language stay. It is only five minutes from the ELC, in the heart of the university district. There are countless little bars, restaurants, shops and a bunch of other ways to fill your free time nearby. Your room has its own bathroom, a comfy bed and its own telephone.

Details about accommodation in Los Angeles >>>

Blockbuster – Our Los Angeles language school

Blockbusters are what fans and directors call the most successful Hollywood films. They aren’t just about great special effects; there’s always a happy ending too. The same is true of our partner school ELC. The state-of-the-art equipment, wide range of courses and countless opportunities to join in on trips and excursions into the city and its surroundings are sure to get you talking. We provide the theory; the residents and this iconic city that lives in the moment give you the real-life practice. Los Angeles is a fantastic opportunity to bring your English to a whole new level and broaden your cultural horizons too. Let’s go!

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“ELC LA has been one of the greatest experiences I've ever had. I met people from all around the world and I think this enriches your knowledge and also expands your thoughts about life. The teachers at ELC are willing to give the students their 101% in every class and every lesson.”

School Services

  • 24 Classrooms
  • Air conditioning
  • Cafeteria
  • Computer room
  • Learning centre
  • Student lounge
  • Terrace
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10850 Wilshire Blvd., #210
Los Angeles, CA 90024
United States
Map showing Los Angeles

Student Nationalities

Western Europe 21%
Eastern Europe 3%
Asia 30%
Latin America 6%
Middle East 35%
Various 5%

Age Mix

Ages 16-18 10%
Ages 19-24 75%
Ages 25-30 10%
Over 30 5%

Opening Hours

08.30-16:30 Monday to Friday

School Holidays

03.09.2018, 08.10.2018, 22.11.2018, 23.11.2018, 24.12.2018, 25.12.2018 Min age required: 16