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Leisure activities in Lausanne

Students are encouraged to enjoy to the full the innumerable sights, events and activities which Lausanne offers its visitors. The school provides information on this, as well as places of interest. The aim is to encourage students to make discoveries, to immerse themselves in the environment and the culture. The school organises regular social activities, which help students to mix and make lasting friendships.

City Activities

Cheese (Gruyères) factory CHF 5

Take a trip to the picturesque town of Gruyère and visit La maison du Gruyère to find out how cheese is produced. 

Nestlé museum CHF 13

On a tour through the museum “nest” you will learn more about Nestlé’s history and its various products as well as other topics. 

Alimentarium CHF 11

The world’s first museum solely dedicated to nutrition will enthuse you with interactive exhibitions and demos about all aspects of nourishment and food. It offers cooking workshops and a visit to the large and decorative vegetable garden.

Olympic Museum CHF 18

Visit the museum that offers exhibitions about the Olympic Games and its history, starting back in the Greek antiquity. 

Bex, salt mines CHF 14

Take a tour through the mazelike salt mines and find out more about its history in the museum. 

Montreux Château de Chillon CHF 10

The castle is located on the rock island on the Lake of Geneva and tours through its interiors are offered.

Chocolate factory CHF 9

A visit to the Maison Cailler will not only show you the history of the brand and products in an interactive way, but you will also see how the typical Swiss Chocolate is produced.