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Language School KanazawaEurocentres:

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Unfortunately, we don’t offer language courses in Kanazawa anymore. Therefore, we cannot accept any more requests or bookings.


These days, Japan is dominated by bright colours, unusual clothes and modern technology. In a city to the west of the country, however, you can still feel the splendour of the bygone Edo period: let yourself be carried off to Kanazawa with a language stay at Eurocentres and experience the traditional Japan of geishas, feudal lords and samurai!


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    Language Course Start Date Weeks Lessons Price
    Course informationCultural Activity Programme
    25 US$619
    Beginner Start Dates Kanazawa

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    School Highlights   
      ✔ Attractive city between the mountains and the sea.
       ✔ The school is ideally located in a modern Exchange Centre.
        ✔ Very attractive activities are offered to learn more about the Japanese culture.
         ✔ Average class size of four students.


    The Maeda family once resided in Kanazawa. The family belonged to the Japanese Samurai noblemen and ranked among the richest feudal lords between 1603 and 1868. This period of time is known in Japanese history as the Edo period, the country’s longest period of peace. During their reign, the Maeda family helped give Kanazawa prosperity and cultural significance. Japanese teahouses and gardens, Shinto shrines and historical Samurai houses still give the town a special charm. Youkuso – welcome to traditional Japan!

    Konnichi wa – What to see and how to get there

    Sightseeing in Kanazawa

    To start your journey into the Edo period, you can visit the city’s most famous tourist destination: Kanazawa Castle, the Maeda family’s former residence. The building was built in the traditional Japanese style and borders the Kenroku-en Garden. This garden is one of the three perfect gardens of Japan and meets the six criteria of Japanese horticulture: spaciousness, peace, art, antiquity, fountains, and a beautiful view. It is particularly worth a visit to Kenroku-en for the cherry blossom festival in the spring when the trees in the garden are bursting with pink blossoms.
    At the foot of the castle is also Nagamachi, the former Samurai residential district. Stroll through the quarters of the legendary Japanese warriors, visit a restored Samurai house in the Nomura-ke museum, and discover what life was like back then. Be inspired by Japanese culture to learn the country’s language and study it against this historic backdrop!

    Getting to Kanazawa

    The best way of getting to Japan is by plane. You can get to Kanazawa from several airports. From Kansai Airport in Osaka, the journey to Kanazawa takes about four hours by train; from Haneda and Narita Airport in Tokyo it takes about six hours, and from Komatsu Airport it takes about an hour. The train journey gives you the opportunity to get your first impression of Japan’s countryside. Impressive mountain scenery with lush green valleys, waterfalls, lakes and vast paddy fields line the route to Kanazawa.

    Details about getting to Kanazawa >>>

    In the footsteps of the Geishas – Eurocentres Language School

    Learn Japanese in Kanazawa

    The Eurocentres Language School in Kanazawa is in the modern International Exchange Centre in the centre of the city near the Higashi Chaya district. In the Edo period, this area housed many teahouses, in which festivals were celebrated and Geishas danced for entertainment. Two of the traditional teahouses, the Shima Chaya and the Kaikoro Chaya, are still open to this day. The remaining buildings in the district are home to cosy cafés and shops. One of the shops sells a Kanazawa speciality: goods adorned with gold leaf. The owners also have a ceremonial tea room on display on the premises which is completely wall-papered in gold leaf. Eurocentres offers a cultural language programme that is perfectly in keeping with the traditional surroundings of the school. You learn the Japanese language using exhibitions, museum visits and lessons about the culture.

    Trips out in Kanazawa

    Your language stay in Kanazawa doesn’t just involve traditional buildings and gardens. The area around the town also offers classic Japanese experiences. South of Kanazawa is the small town of Kaga. Here, you can forget about learning Japanese for a while and visit the Katayamazu Onsen. These hot springs are the perfect place to relax! From here, you get a fantastic view out to the coast on the one side and on the other side, a view of the Hakusan. This mountain is actually a potentially active stratovolcano and, together with Fujiyama and Tateyama, makes up one of Japan’s Three Holy Mountains.
    On a trip to the Noto coast, you will experience the most beautiful coastal region in Japan. The region even today remains very rural and provides a pleasant contrast to Japan’s big, modern cities. Trips out into the area around Kanazawa offer variety of thrilling experiences on your language travel through traditional Japan.

    Tadaima – Accommodation and lodgings

    Host families in Kanazawa

    When Japanese people enter their homes, they greet the other family members with “Tadaima”, meaning “I am back home”. During your stay in Kanazawa, you will be taken in by a host family and invited to call their family home your home too. All of the host families chosen by Eurocentres have been carefully selected and offer our language students clean, comfortable rooms. Your host family will help you gain an understanding of Japanese culture and will support you in learning Japanese. When eating sushi in the evenings, in daily activities or in your leisure time, you will very quickly be able to get into conversations with the family and be able to try out your new-found language skills.

    Details about accommodation in Kanazawa >>>

    Journey into the Edo period – Kanazawa Language School

    Dress in a kimono, visit the hot springs and be transported by Kanazawa into the Edo period. Explore historic Japan in this traditional city. Here, you walk in the footsteps of the great feudal lords, graceful geishas and brave samurai. You will get to know and understand the Japanese way of life as part of the cultural language programme at Eurocentres. Study with the teachers in the Eurocentres language school against the backdrop of the Japanese Edo period. Take your knowledge back into the present and use your language knowledge in modern Japan. Ikuzu – let’s go!

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    “The memories created during that month spent in Kanazawa are ones that I will always be able to look back at, smile and laugh. Being able to befriend some of the most interesting and fun people I’d ever met, and learn about so many different things I wouldn’t ever experience anywhere else makes me so thankful to everyone who I exchanged words with there. This is one trip that definitely changed me a little bit, and really helped me grow.”

    School Services

    • 5 Classrooms
    • Wheelchair Accessible
    • Wifi
    • Air conditioning
    • Library
    • Student lounge
    • Vending machines


    Facts and Numbers


    1-5-3 Honmachi

    Student Nationalities

    Western Europe 46%
    Eastern Europe 10%
    Asia 6%
    Latin America 23%
    North America 15%

    Age Mix

    Ages 16-18 31%
    Ages 19-24 26%
    Ages 25-30 10%
    Over 30 33%

    Opening Hours

    Mon-Fr: 08.30 - 17.00

    School Holidays

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