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Language School FlorenceEurocentres: Learn Italian in the city of art

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Flourishing commercial city, cultural centre and birthplace of an entire era: Florence is the very epitome of the Renaissance, because this was where the greatest artists of the time lived and worked. Come along to Eurocentres on a language stay in the Italian city of culture in Tuscany and become an artist of language! 

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Beginner Start Dates Florence

27.08.2018, 24.09.2018, 22.10.2018, 19.11.2018

School Highlights   
  ✔ A historic and beautiful city, full of culture and art.
   ✔ All attractions can be easily reached on foot.
    ✔ EAQUALS, Eduitalia, ACCREDIA, ISO90001 certification (quality of the standards of the services)
     ✔ Broad range of additional courses including art, cooking, history.


Italian is considered a language of fine art, and Florence is the most significant place to practise it. So where better to learn the Italian language than in Florence? Stroll along the historic alleyways, cross the River Arno on the Ponte Vecchio, or take a look from the Florentine Palaces out onto the historical city. Everywhere in Florence you feel the echo of great art. Masters of their craft, such as Michelangelo, da Vinci and Brunelleschi, have left their mark here. Chat with the Italians over an ice-cream, learn more about the masterpieces in their own surroundings, and improve your Italian. Benvenuto a Firenze!

The first brushstroke – what to see and how to get there

Getting to Florence

Put down your first brushstroke on your Italian language skills masterpiece and start off on your language stay in Florence. To get there, you can choose from several nearby airports. Florence Airport is just four kilometres from the city, but you can also reach Florence easily from larger airports such as Pisa, Bologna and Rome. However, if you want to make the most of the fantastic Tuscan countryside on your journey, we would recommend you go by train. Several stations in Florence have international connections. Once you have arrived in Florence the school can be reached quickly on foot or by public transport. Enjoy the journey through the architectural gems of the Renaissance!

Details about getting to Florence >>>

Sightseeing in Florence

Florence offers a rich heritage of art and architecture from the Renaissance period. Be inspired by the works of important Italian artists, such as Michelangelo, Botticelli and Rafael in the world-famous art collection in the Uffizi Gallery. You will also find the most famous sculpture in the history of art in the Galleria dell’Accademica: Michelangelo’s David. Standing at over five metres tall, this marble statue shows the biblical David shortly before his fight with the giant, Goliath.

Many of the city’s other tourist attractions are connected with Christianity. Florence Cathedral for example, has one of the largest domes in the world, a landmark of the Florentine panorama. This was a technical masterpiece in the Renaissance and is considered to be the most prominent architectural piece Filippo Brunelleschi ever designed. In Palazzo Pitti, also built by Filippo Brunelleschi, you will find a modern art collection as well as works by the old masters. The Galleria d’Arte Moderna brings the city’s artistic tradition back into the present, exhibiting works from classicism through to Italian futurism. Gather inspiration in the city and become a real artist of language at the Eurocentres language school!

Artistic licence – Eurocentres language school

Learn Italian in Florence

The Eurocentres language school has its home in a Renaissance palace right in the heart of the historic city of Florence. The school is a place where past meets modernity. While palace frescos adorn the walls of the classroom and you have access to a comprehensive library, you also have many different audio and video recordings available to you as learning material. In an atmosphere like this, all you have to do is choose the course that’s right for you. Choose between courses for general language skills, a cultural language programme, or a gap year. With the latter, you spend up to 52 weeks in Florence on an intensive language stay, which gives you the opportunity to dive deep into the treasure of the city as well as the language of the fine arts. On a language stay abroad in Florence, there are also many other things on offer to keep you entertained aside from the tourist attractions: a visit to the opera or taking part in a wine tasting will round off your cultural experience in Florence very well.

Daytrips from Florence

Florence lies in the heart of Tuscany. From here, you can quickly get to some of the most beautiful cities in Italy: Climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa, ride along the canals of Venice in a gondola, or listen to the Opera Festival in Verona. You can also pay a visit to the neighbouring Chianti wine region. After a walk through the vineyards, round off your day with an authentic Italian evening meal and a glass of red wine. After all, with its pizza, pasta and fish, Italy is well-known for its cooking.

The finishing touch – accommodation and lodgings

Host families in Florence

You can only get to a certain level when learning languages in a classroom. Contact with native speakers is what will give your language skills the finishing touch. A host family offers ample opportunity to chat together on a day-to-day basis. Whether it is eating pasta together in the evenings, going for a walk through the city or heading out on trips to explore the region, in conversation you can put into practice your newly-acquired language skills, develop a better feeling for the language, and get to know your host family better. Who knows? Perhaps you might even discover that one of Michelangelo’s descendants is in your host family?

Student hall of residence

You will also find it really easy to improve your language skills in the student hall of residence. Here, you can practice your Italian informally with your fellow students, make plans for your free time and chat with Italian students. Eurocentres offers accommodation in three different student halls of residence in Florence. All of them are within a 20-minute walk from the language school and can be reached by public transport. Living here means you are right in the heart of this magnificent Renaissance city.

Accommodation in a hotel

If you would rather have a quieter language stay and a private study environment, we can provide you with comfortable accommodation in a hotel. We work together with two- to four-star hotels in good locations, offering students from Eurocentres good value for money. You can test your Italian knowledge on trips with your fellow students or on an evening meal out in the city.

Details on accommodation in Florence >>>

A masterpiece – Florence Language School

As a UNESCO world heritage site, Florence is a unique masterpiece of Italian architecture. The city literally pulsates with works of fine art and magnificent architecture. Be carried away by the charm of the Renaissance and spend a language stay abroad under the Tuscan sun. Learn Italian against the divine backdrop of a Renaissance palace. The Eurocentres language school teachers will teach you the basics required. Conversations with your host family, fellow students or residents in Florence will help you become a true master!

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“The last four weeks have been wonderful. The staff were so helpful, kind and welcomed me with a big smile every day. They challenged and encouraged me and I learned a lot of Italian. When walking to the school I passed the Ponte Vecchio,
standing in front of it, overlooking the city and the Arno just took my breath away.”

School Services

  • 11 Classrooms
  • Computer room
  • Learning centre
  • Library
  • Student lounge
  • Terrace
  • Vending machines
  • Wifi


A typical day at Eurocentres Florence

With a tasty panini in his pocket, David left his temporary home this morning for his journey to school. His host mother, Rosalia, is an Italian through and through. Food is always her first priority. Since her children left home, the 57-year-old has taken in language students and spoils them with her exquisite Italian cooking skills. Her delicious meals more than compensate for the discussions about water consumption! David is not used to saving water when showering. Mamma Rosalia really took him to task about that.

In his homeland, David is studying art history. He wants to improve his Italian language skills in Florence while following the tracks of the famous artists. He walks to school every day. He normally meets up with his fellow students at the entrance before school starts to chat about this and that, or to plan the evening ahead. And after more than a week of tuition, David still looks forward to his classes. He loves the ambiance of the stately school building, the enthusiasm of the teachers and the exciting excursions. He is keeping a visit to Michelangelo’s David, the most famous sculpture in the history of art, for later – the trip to the Accademia di Belle Arti will be the crowning highlight of his language stay in Florence.

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Piazza Santo Spirito, 9
50125 Florence AG

Student Nationalities

Western Europe 42%
Eastern Europe 6%
Asia 13%
Latin America 11%
North America 26%
Various 2%

Age Mix

Ages 16-18 23%
Ages 19-24 45%
Ages 25-30 9%
Over 30 23%

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Mon-Fr: 08.30 - 18.00

School Holidays

15.08.2018, 01.11.2018, 24.12.2018 - 04.01.2019