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Language School Peru


Cuzco, a charming city high in the Andes is captivating to all who tread its steep, cobbled streets built by the ancient Incas. This welcoming place, surrounded by mountains and impressive ruins, is a place where you can feel at home immediately.

How to get there

The best way to get to Cuzco is by air. Subject to where you land, there is another flight or bus journey ahead:

Once in Cuzco, various buses take you to the language school:


Time Zone
372 000
Costs of Living (approx.)
  • Bus ride: 0.25 USD
  • Soft drink: 0.70 USD
  • Coffee: 1 USD
  • Dinner: 15 USD
  • Fast food: 5 USD
  • Movie: 6 USD
  • Estimated pocket money / week: 150 USD