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Language School CairnsEurocentres: Learn English in a tropical paradise with city-feeling

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There are many natural wonders in the world that can render you speechless. The Great Barrier Reef on the north-east coast of Australia is one of them. It is a place of natural pilgrimage for divers and tourists from across the world, which is why the nearby city of Cairns has become the diving capital of Australia.

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The city in the north of the Australian state of Queensland also has a lot to offer outside of the reef landscape – for example, as a destination for a sun-kissed language course with Eurocentres. Whether it be in the colourful and biodiverse ocean of the south Pacific or the depths of the English language, dive with Eurocentres into the treasure of this Australian goldmine.

Well-being for body and mind – What to see and how to get there

Sightseeing in Cairns

Cairns was founded long ago as a shipping port for gold and minerals. Today, the biggest treasure is just over an hour off the coast by speed boat. The Great Barrier Reef is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is referred to as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. With unparalleled biodiversity and sensational coral reefs, it is popular with divers from all over the world, even beginners. Numerous diving schools and training centres in Cairns will train you to dive. Sightseeing flights are also on offer and help you take in the whole scale of the reef from the air.

Another natural wonder is also in the surrounding natural landscapes of Cairns: The Daintree Rainforest is the oldest rainforest in the world and is bursting with biodiversity. Tours through the unique flora and fauna are well worth an excursion, as is a trip on the Skyrail Cableway, which runs high up through the tropical forest. With a language course in Cairns, you can plunge to the very depths of the Australian natural world – doing so will take your breath away. In the Daintree Rainforest you can also explore the Kuranda Scenic Railway – a different kind of train line, which takes you along steep mountainsides past thunderous waterfalls and across 40 bridges spanning the gorges.

Getting to Cairns

The trip from Cairns Central Station takes about two hours and is always a good opportunity to tour the natural habitats around Cairns. Getting to Cairns for your language course is simple. You can fly directly into the international airport which is just seven kilometres from the city centre and so not far at all from the Eurocentres Language School in Cairns.

Details about getting to Cairns >>>

Swim free – Eurocentres Language School Cairns

Just as an experienced instructor and the best equipment are needed for a safe dive, for lasting language acquisition you need qualified teachers and helpful study materials. Eurocentres Language School in Cairns is the right place for you. Two schools share an optimally-equipped campus: the Cairns Language School of Eurocentres and the Cairns Business College. The campus is easy to reach in the centre of the modern city by the sea. It is ideally equipped: 20 air-conditioned rooms, a modern media centre, two computer rooms, Wi-Fi, recreation rooms with a coffee and tea bar, as well as dining rooms and a mobile canteen, combine to create an inviting study environment. All this will motivate you to improve your English and have a wonderful, care-free time here.

Learn English in Cairns

Eurocentres Language School in Cairns offers a host of different English language courses which are supported by our trained language teachers: from general language courses to Cambridge Proficiency, full-time IELTS through to Gap Year/Open Choice. On a language course in Cairns it is easy to dive right into the English language, as well as into the turquoise sea. With water temperatures anywhere from 23° to 28° C and the attractive leisure activities on offer in and out of the water, your language course will always involve waves of pleasure. Beach volleyball, BBQs, water-skiing, diving, rafting, sports clubs or weekend trips into the outback and into the Cairns Highlands – swim towards the horizon of opportunities in Cairns.

Home reef – Accommodation and lodging

Host families in Cairns

“G’day mate!” You are certain to receive a typical Australian welcome from our friendly and outgoing host families here. Carefully checked and selected by us, our accommodation is wide-ranging – from single households and professional couples to families with children or retired couples. Get to know what everyday life is like in Cairns and learn the language in an authentic way. Host families place great importance on being able to support you in your language learning in Australia’s fourth most popular travel destination and to live the laidback Australian lifestyle with you. All accommodation has Wi-Fi so that you don’t lose contact with your friends and family back at home.

International atmosphere: Shared flats

You will also find a lovely temporary home and create your own warm-hearted family in our shared flats. Just like the colourful diversity of a reef, there is also a mix of personalities from different countries and cultures. Benefit from living in a shared flat with shared cooking in the evenings in the accommodation’s spacious kitchen, and explore the surrounding area together with your flatmates. Our Queensland-style community houses are situated right in the heart of Cairns near the language school. A large shopping centre, lots of small shops, the wonderful beach promenade and a variety of restaurants or bars are all within walking distance. Explore the laidback Australian way of life and the many hidden corners around Cairns.

Details about the accommodation in Cairns >>>

Natural wonder – Eurocentres Language School Cairns

Learn English in harmony with the most beautiful natural environment – what sounds like becomes reality in Cairns. The city personifies Australia like no other place on the continent. the multi-faceted leisure activities on offer in Cairns makes it an ideal destination for a language course in Australia. With the superb range of language courses on offer and the high level of quality of the lessons, we do this attractive city’s character justice and gold-plate your language course. Become a treasure seeker in the former gold-digger town of Cairns – your chest will be richly filled with the amazing natural world, the fantastic leisure activities and your newly acquired language skills.

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“Teachers are fantastic! Classmates are humorous and interesting. Life here at Eurocentres Cairns is very amazing for me.”

School Services

  • 20 Classrooms
  • Garden
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Kitchen
  • Learning centre
  • Library
  • Student lounge
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Wifi
  • Air conditioning
  • Cafeteria
  • Computer room


A typical day at Eurocentres Cairns

Peter, from Switzerland, decided to attend a Eurocentres language course after it was recommended by a friend. When his boss advised him to perfect his business English, he grasped the opportunity. The professionalism of the teacher and the school organisation have impressed him. As a diving enthusiast, he is in exactly the right place here in Cairns. His trip to the Great Barrier Reef – a favourite destination for divers from all over the world – was a wonderful experience for him. He lives with a friendly Australian host family with children. He finds the people particularly cosmopolitan and uncomplicated; you really feel at home here very quickly.

As he wanted to live close to the ocean, he has a longer journey of about 40 minutes to get to the school. Normally, it takes only between 5 and 40 minutes to get to school from the accommodation. Moreover, the school provides up-to-date, detailed information about the almost endless range of leisure activities. There are so many you wouldn't know where to start! There is so much to see – art galleries, museums, islands, beaches, shopping miles and markets, both day and night... One thing that Peter really wants to do before he goes back to Switzerland is cable skiing by night... Beautiful Cairns – this language study stay will always be unforgettable!

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