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Language study stays Germany


The gateway between East and West, Berlin is a dynamic, cosmopolitan city of trendy boutiques and innovative art, music, concerts and culture. There are over 150 theatres, 170 museums and 200 art galleries. Friendly and cosmopolitan people. Wide variety of restaurants and bars. Great contrasts between historic monuments. Excellent public transport system.

City Sights

Charlottenburg Palace

Magnificent royal palace


Berlin's Champs-Elysees


Germany's old and new parliament

Potsdamer Square

The heart of new Berlin

Television Tower

Big Brother is watching you!

How to get there


  • Berlin Tegel
  • Berlin Schönefeld

Train Station

  • Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Metro / Subway

  • Nollendorfplatz

Public transport info

1 month: EUR 80 - 100 (approx.)

Time Zone
GMT +1
3 500 000
Costs of Living (approx.)
  • Bus ride: 3 EUR
  • Clubbing: 10 EUR
  • Soft drink: 2 EUR
  • Coffee: 3 EUR
  • Dinner: 15 EUR
  • Fast food: 8 EUR
  • Movie: 8 EUR
  • Estimated pocket money / week: 120 EUR