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Powerful volcanos and kilometres of coastline: nowhere else do these forces of nature – fire and water – encounter each other in such a formidable way as they do in Auckland, New Zealand. On a language trip to Auckland, you can learn English set against the breathtaking backdrop of surreal volcanic landscapes and fantastic beaches.

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Auckland was built on the ridge of around fifty inactive volcanos just off the Pacific volcanic belt, known as the Ring of Fire. Today, this city on the north island of New Zealand is a mecca for water sports fans and is known as the City of Sails due to its countless sailing boats in the bays, lagoons and harbours. Experience how fire and water have combined to make Auckland unique. A third of New Zealand’s population live here, and its theatres, restaurants and bustling nightlife make it the cultural centre of the country. A more exciting place to learn English than New Zealand would be hard to find!

Fire and water in Auckland – What to see and how to get there

Sightseeing in Auckland

The many tourist attractions of Auckland highlight the natural landscape of the city. On a tour of the harbour, you can experience the city’s maritime atmosphere and take a look at the City of Sails’ modern sailing boats. The New Zealand National Maritime Museum tells fascinating tales of the city’s historical sailing ships. Afterwards, anyone looking for a bit of adventure can get their adrenalin kick by bungee jumping from the city’s landmark - the Harbour Bridge.
You can also find the city’s most famous volcano right in the maritime area. Looming out of the Gulf of Auckland is the triangular Rangitoto Island. The “Island of the Bleeding Skies” emerged from the sea 600 years ago following a massive volcanic eruption. It has since become the city’s best-known geographical feature and is the highest volcanic crater in New Zealand.
South of Auckland, the hot and cold elements come into conflict with each other in an even more unusual way. In Rotorua and Taupo, you can witness geothermal attractions: geysers, hot springs, steaming rocks and the largest hot waterfall in the southern hemisphere beckon with their mysterious charms.

Getting to Auckland

The easiest way to get to Auckland is by plane. This way, you also get a glimpse of the breathtaking landscape from above. Auckland International Airport is located just twenty kilometres south of Auckland and is a destination used by many international airlines. You can use the SkyBus, the Auckland airport shuttle, to get into town very easily. From there, you can take several bus routes to the CCEL Language School. As a famous harbour town, Auckland also offers you the option of arriving by boat. If you are already travelling around New Zealand, you can top off your trip with a language course in Auckland.

Details about how to get to Auckland >>>

Second to none –Eurocentres Language School

The many shopping centres, cafés and restaurants on Queen Street provide the hustle and bustle, big-city feeling. Here, right in the heart of Auckland, the CCEL Language School is based. The school is a member of the organisation, English New Zealand, which admits only the top language schools. The Eurocentres partner school CCEL Auckland is, therefore, one of the most prestigious language schools in the country. In this high-quality teaching facility you can learn English at different levels, from general language learning through to certificates and English for academic purposes. We are passionate about the English language and want to ignite a spark in you too!

Trips out in Auckland

In addition to an outstanding education, fantastic trips through landscapes of fire and water await you as part of your Eurocentres language trip. Forget the stress of the big city on a hike or a cycle tour through the hilly landscape of extinct volcanos. A boat trip to the Great Barrier Island also provides a fantastic study break. This island paradise is has fascinating wild scrubland, unspoilt beaches and unique flora and fauna. At the same time, each trip offers the possibility to have a conversation with your fellow students or with native English speakers allowing you to put your new-found language knowledge into practice. This way the learning process never stops!

By the home fire – accommodation and lodging

Host families in Auckland

The learning process also never stops if you spend time with your host family. Whether it be with a single person, a family with children or a retired couple, it is easy to have a conversation with members of your host family at the dinner table or at a campfire on the beach. In doing so, you can get some insider tips for leisure activities whilst easily improving your language skills, because the best way to learn English is to speak it – and not just during lessons but in day-to-day life too. For this reason, you should make use of any opportunity to chat with your host family. The host families are checked on a regular basis; they offer a comfortable, clean bedroom and a quiet place to study– The perfect surroundings for successful learning!

Details about accommodation in Auckland >>>

Where fire and water meet –CCEL Language School, Auckland

In the local Maori language, Auckland is called Tāmaki-makau-rau “young city with a hundred lovers”. With its impressive natural spectacles, exciting activities and warm-hearted locals, you’re sure to fall in love with this New Zealand metropolis. At the Eurocentres partner school, CCEL Auckland the language teachers will give you the necessary spark to ignite your passion for English. In New Zealand, you can keep the flame alive with stimulating conversations and at home, at university or at work. Can you feel the heat? Then travel to Auckland!

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“I like CCEL Auckland because it’s a multi cultural school. You can make friends very easily. Furthermore the teachers are very friendly and responsible. They helped me a lot to improve my English. The facilities are useful and helpful to learn English efficiently. I enjoyed my school life and I’ll never forget my memory in New Zealand.”

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