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Language Levels

"I can follow simple conversations in French, but which language level does that correspond to?" Many have asked themselves this question before.

We would like to give you an overview of which language skills each language level includes, according to the language levels defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1-C1) as well as the Eurocentres language levels. (1-10). We will also tell you which language certificates are appropriate for each level.

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Level A1

A1 - Eurocentres Level 1

With A1/Eurocentres Level 1, you can:

  • master simple communication during your vacation
  • book a hotel room
  • go shopping and order at a restaurant

Language certificates to acquire:

  • English: TOEIC
  • French: DELF A1
  • German: Goethe A1


A2 - Eurocentres Level 2and 3

With A2/Eurocentres Level 2, you can:

  • request simple information
  • understand answers to your questions
  • explain processes
  • describe tasks

With A2/Eurocentres Level 3, you can:

  • communicate in everyday situations
  • ask for further information
  • describe events and exchange personal experiences

Language certificates to acquire:

  • English: TOEIC, PTE, TOEFL
  • French: DELF A2
  • German: Goethe A2


B1 - Eurocentres Levels 4 and 5

With B1/Eurocentres Level 4, you can:

  • make conversation and chat with friends
  • react to situations appropriately
  • express emotions

With B1/Eurocentres Level 5, you can:

  • enter a conversation without preparation
  • express your own thoughts
  • check and convey information
  • give detailed instructions

Language certificates to acquire:

  • English: PET, IELTS (Level 4.5), TOEFL, PTE, BEC Preliminary, TOEIC
  • French: Delf B1
  • German: Goethe B1


B2 - Eurocentres Levels 6 and 7

With B2/Eurocentres Level 6, you can:

  • contribute actively to extended discussions
  • describe problems in detail
  • respond to comments made by others
  • have a phone conversation without any problems

With B2/Eurocentres Level 7, you can:

  • follow lively conversations between native speakers and have spontaneous and open discussions
  • express and defend your personal views
  • reliably process and convey detailed information

Language certificates to acquire:

  • English: FCE, IELTS (Level 5.5 - 6.5), TOEFL, PTE, BEC Vantage, TOEIC
  • French: DELF B2
  • German: Goethe B2



C1 - Eurocentres Levels 8 and 9

With C1/ Eurocentres Level 8, you can:

  • begin to speak in an appropriate manner
  • build up ideas methodically
  • emphasize certain points during business meetings, seminars and presentations

With C1/ Eurocentres Level 9, you can:

  • feel comfortable in your language
  • express yourself creatively and develop your personal style
  • contribute sophisticated arguments to business meetings, seminars and presentations

Language certificates to acquire:

  • English: CAE, IELTS (Level 7 - 7.5), TOEFL, PTE, BEC Higher, TOEIC
  • French: DALF C1
  • German: Goethe C1


C2 - Eurocentres Level 10

With C1/Eurocentres Level 10, you can:

  • express your thoughts in an authentic style, nuanced and with precision
  • argue and negotiate skillfully
  • write reports and essays flawlessly

With C1, you have reached the highest echelons of your language. You should acquire the following language certificates:

  • English: CPE, IELTS Level 8, TOEFL, PTE, TOEIC
  • French: DALF C2
  • German: Goethe C2