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Fulltime Cambridge First (FCE)

Our preparatory course for the First Certificate in English is comparable with the training of an archer. Perfectly instructed right up to the last minute, he draws back the bow, concentrates, aims... and hits the bullseye! You will tackle the official examination in exactly the same cool manner after completing the preparatory course. The target is in your sights and first-class preparation will help you in your aim. Just select one of the many destinations and enjoy interesting tuition. Top teachers, up-to-date teaching materials and skilled coaching support you in speaking, writing, listening and reading, with special focus placed on the examination requirements. You will be trained in exactly the same manner, so that you all you have to do on the day of the exam is fire the arrow and hit the target.

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Your Cambridge ESOL certificate: an attainable target! The First Certificate is recognised globally by 12,000 universities, institutions and companies. As the holder of this certificate, you have proof of your general English language skills equivalent to Common European Framework level B2. Learn in a country where you can speak and hear English 24/7. Practice with past examination papers from the University of Cambridge, and intensify your feeling and understanding of the English language in just eight to twelve weeks. Normally, you sit the exam at the school where you have studied or at a location of your choice. Do the same as four million other First candidates do each year: take a shot at it!

Number of lessons (50 minutes) per week Approximate hours
20 17
25 21
30 25

Our courses are aimed at adults aged 16 and over, and students aged 16-18 will  receive additional support, supervision and attention if necessary.

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Entry Level:
Preparation for FCE
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