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Extend your Summer with Eurocentres

For a majority of the world population the summer season is as good as gone. Hence, no more after-work barbecues, no more golden-glow sunsets, and yes, no more sudden and overwhelmingly refreshing summer downpours. A heartfelt goodbye to all of that!

However, what if it did not have to be like this? Extend your summer now with a language course abroad! 2017 Start dates are available now!

Leisure during language learning experience Leisure during language learning experience

Have you broken free from the ties of high school, and after a summer well spent you still have not got enough of the hot temperatures? And a language diploma would be a welcome addition to your curriculum vitae?

Have you just finished your studies, but still want to experience summer?

Is now the time to take a break from work and get a language certificate?

A language learning experience under the sun might just do the trick!

Spend your days Down Under, take your grammar books to the South African beach or take language learning to a new level in California, Florida or Mexico!

Click on the images below to discover where you are spending your extended summer:

San Diego Perth Santa Barbara Sydney Cairns Miami Melbourne Playa del Carmen Brisbane Gold Coast Cape Town Los Angeles




Free Language Test
Should you already want to dive into your language learning experience, we recommend you get to know your language level first! Here you will find our very own Eurocentres language test to assess your language skills!
Gap Year
Should your heart just not be able to settle for one destination, how about planning a gap year at more than one destination? Contact our team at and get your information on how to plan the year of your life!
Get your language certificate and enjoy summer!
Combine a pleasant stay abroad with a language course that prepares you for a language diploma, such as the Cambridge Exam! Discover now where you can take your exam course to the beach!